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King Midas Touch

Posted in Black, Glitter, Gold with tags , , , , , , on June 10, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Today’s franken is another request! The lovely Kim asked if I could make a black with shimmery gold, and as it turns out, I just got an order of TKB pigments in the mail, including a beautiful gold shimmer!

I used TKB Gold Reflecks micro glitter pigment, and Love My Nails black for this one.The LMN black is more sheer than the Wet ‘N Wild black I normally use, allowing the glitter to show up better. If you do use the WnW black, just mix it will clear to dilute it a bit.


I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of the black, and added in 2 tablespoons of the gold pigment. I tossed in a few ballz, and shook it up.


I crossed my fingers and anxiously waited to see if the glitter would hold up in the polish. I let the polish sit overnight to be sure, and was pleased to see it was still sparkley and pretty the next day! Luckily, I had a nice sunny weekend, so I managed to get some sun pics.



Outdoors/full sun:


Close up/full sun:


Thanks for looking!