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Jackie Green Jelly

Posted in Green, jelly, Recipes with tags , , , , , , , on March 8, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

My friend Jackie recently asked me if I could make a dark green jelly for her. Green? Jelly? Well, my arm didn’t need to be twisted! I got to work, and whipped up a pretty color I thought she’d really enjoy. A few days later, as I was finalizing my blog entry, I received and email from reader Teresa, asking if I could make a polish similar to NARS Zulu. For those of you unaware, Zulu was a gorgeous dark green jelly that NARS released a few years ago around the holidays as a limited edition. Zulu still turns up on ebay occasionally, but it usually sells for $$$.

For this polish, I used Wet ‘N Wild clear, Wet ‘N Wild Black Creme, and New York Summer Amaranth.

I mixed 1/2 the clear polish with 1/2 NYS Amaranth. I added the black in a couple drops at at time, shaking and swatching in between, until I had the shade of dark green I was happy with.


I don’t have Zulu to compare, but from pictures I have seen, mine looks a bit lighter. I was considering adding more black to darken it up, but after doing a mani with it, I’m happy with it just how it is.


The picture was taken without a top coat on the polish, so you can see how shiny it is on it’s own. I can see why Zulu was so popular…and hopefully this quick & easy franken can help out those craving Zulu.