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Valley of the Kings

Posted in Gold with tags , , , , , , on February 4, 2010 by Amanda Frankenpolish

You know, I used to hate gold polish. It wasn’t until recently that I started buying more gold colors and discovered I really love them! I’ve made a few gold-ish frankens, but I really wanted a true, blinged out gold.

I used Tony and Tina fine silver cosmetic glitter, Sally Hansen Gold Chrome, and Gold Reflects pigment from TKB Trading.

I filled an empty bottle a tad over 3/4 full with Gold Chrome, then added in 1 tablespoon each of the silver and gold glitters.

Oooo, bling-tastic! The glitter adds an extra punch to Gold Chrome, and really makes it sparkle.

Up close…

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon! 😉


Posted in Duochromes, Green, Purple with tags , , , , , , on January 8, 2010 by Amanda Frankenpolish

It’s been a while since a had a duochrome to show you, so let’s see if we can remedy that right now! 😛

I used Revlon Colorstay in Sparks, Maybelline Violet Waters, and Sherer Chameleon polish in Blue Sky.

I filled an empty bottle 1/2 full of Sparks, then added 1/4 each of Violet Waters and Blue Sky.

Not only is this a duochrome, but it has tiny microglitter in it as well, giving it a unique look! I bumped my mani against my desk as I was taking these photos, so please excuse the weirdness on my thumb and pinky…it’s not the polish itself (just my clumsiness)!

Such a cool color! I really like this one a lot!

Thanks for checking out my frankens…I will have more on the way soon! 🙂

Reindeer Games

Posted in Glitter, Green, Red, Silver with tags , , , , , , , on December 24, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Merry Christmas! I’ve saved my most festive holiday color for last. I’ve had such fun making these themed frankens, and I hope you have enjoyed them!

I used Color Club Sex Symbol silver glitter, and LA Colors Art Deco in red glitter and green glitter.

I added in 1/4 each of Sex Symbol and Art Deco red glitter. The green glitter is a bit more sheer, so I added 1/2 of that to balance out the density of the red.

As you can see, the red is still the dominate color here, but the silver and green glitter shows up nicely. I think even Rudolph would be pleased with this color!

I wish you all a very happy holiday, and hope Santa brings you some awesome goodies! 🙂

Christmas Tree

Posted in Green, Holographic with tags , , , , , , on December 23, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

We are down to the wire now! Christmas is only two days away, and I just happen to have two more holiday frankens to show you!

Now, I’m sure there is a polish somewhere already named “Christmas Tree”, but I couldn’t name my franken anything else. I even tried to think up alternate names, but “Christmas Tree” really seemed to fit!

For my “Christmas Tree”, I used Maybelline Emerald Waters, China Glaze L8RG8R, China Glaze Sexagon, and Holographic pigment from Coastal Scents.

I poured just slightly less than 1/3 of each polish into an empty bottle, then added 2 teaspoons of holo pigment.

The holo glitter reminds me so much of tiny, sparkling Christmas lights!

Now, this was actually a franken I made a few years back for Christmas. I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate it on my blog. It’s the perfect Christmas color!

I have one more beautiful holiday franken coming up, so check back tomorrow! 🙂

North Pole

Posted in Blue, Silver with tags , , , , , , on December 22, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, here in NY, at least! We’ve finally been hit with snow…which, to be honest, I’m not fond of. But at least it looks pretty for the holidays!

For this one, I used Revlon Sweet Nothings in Rendez-Blue, Taylor Made pigment in Polar, and fine silver glitter from TKB Trading.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Rendez-Blue, (which was pretty much the entire bottle) then added in 1 teaspoon of Polar pigment, and 1 tablespoon of silver glitter.

I love that this chilly blue has a hint of purple flash, giving it that below-zero-freeze-look. The tiny silver microglitter is subtle, like a tiny flurry of snowflakes!

I have a couple more holiday colors I am going to try and squeeze in before Christmas, so check back very soon!


Posted in Pink with tags , , , , on December 8, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Good news for all you pink lovers…I’ve got something on the softer side for you today!

For “Ladylike”, I used Sally Hansen Jewel Frost and Revlon Colorstay in Endless Pink (another Dollar Tree find).

I poured half of each into an empty bottle, plus ballz, and shook well.

Now, to be honest…these types of colors aren’t really me. I like loud, colorful and blingy. But this pale shimmery pink is so pretty that even I had to give it a try!

Thanks for stopping in…and be sure to check back soon! 🙂

Champagne After Dark

Posted in Glitter, Gold, Purple with tags , , , , on July 30, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Well, I’ve been catching up on my frankening, and I have a glittery treat for you today!

For this one, I used Revlon Color Stay in clear, NYC Purple Pizazz, and Gold Reflecks pigment from TKB Trading.

I filled an empty bottle a little bit less than 2/3 full of clear, then added in 1/3 of Purple Pizazz. I mixed in 1 tablespoon of Gold Reflecks pigment, and shook the mixture well.

I love how the gold shimmer stands out in this! It really does remind me of a sparkling wine.

Up close to really display the shimmer…

Thanks for looking! I have another batch of mattes coming up very soon, so check back! 😀

I’m Not Really A Jedi

Posted in Black, Blue, Glitter, Green with tags , , , , , , on June 7, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

I have another interesting dark delight for you today!

I used New York Summer Class Act, Pure Ice Oh Baby, and Wet ‘N Wild black creme.


I filled an empty bottle half full of Oh Baby, and added 1/4 each of Class Act and black. Darker colors require quite a bit of mixing, so be prepared to shake, shake, shake!


Now, you’re probably wondering about the name. As soon as I swatched this polish, it immediately made me think of Jedi light sabers for some reason! I decided to name it “I’m Not Really A Jedi”, kind of a play off of OPI’s popular shade, “I’m Not Really A Waitress”.



Outdoors/full sun:


Close up/full sun:


This color definitely is up there with my favorite creations so far! I have a couple more darker colors coming soon, so check back!