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Eye of the Tiger

Posted in Bronze/Brown, Glitter with tags , , , , , , on February 25, 2010 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Ok, I will apologize in advance for any urges you may have to go watch all the “Rocky” movies now! 😛 This franken is quite different than my usual colors, but I’ve been trying to branch out into different things lately.

I used an unnamed bronze Jordana polish (it is quite sheer), Martha Stewart glitter in Sunstone, fine black glitter from TKB Trading, and NYC clear.

It looks like it could be a cousin to Lippmann’s “Superstar”, but the glitter in this is more fine.

I was surprised I actually liked this once I put it on. Bronze colors are hit and miss with me, but this is definitely a keeper!

I took these pictures without a topcoat on, so it is actually much shinier and pretty once I added my SV on.

Thanks for stopping by ❤