My Franken Fairies

When it comes to naming my frankens, I admit I am stumped more often than not!
Luckily, I have some polish loving friends that have been awesome and really help me out. A huge thank you to my creative franken “fairies”… Elma, Jess, Vikki, and Jackie!

12 Responses to “My Franken Fairies”

  1. rmcandlelight Says:


    I love your blog. Can you tell me what kind of ballz do I need to franken? How do I subscribe to your blog?


  2. Kathy R. Says:

    Hi!! I love your blog and I really want to know how I can subscribe to your nlog also!!! Thanks!!!!

  3. im from United Arab Emarite ,I like the color of nails where can I found your brand in United Arab Emarite .



  4. I must admit, I am new to signing up to blog too. could you tell me how to subscribe as well 🙂

  5. Hey. I’m from Germany.
    Can you say me how you mix the nail polish? Do you shake the bottle?

  6. she shakes her polish in the bottle. you need to add mixing balls. i usually like to add two or three, depending on the polish. it makes it faster to shake.

  7. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …


  8. Hi, i love your nail polishes!
    How do you keep your nails so nice. I have short nails and i REALLY want nails like yours. 🙂

  9. I love your frankens! Mine almost never come out as lovely as yours! I got a sudden inspiration a moment ago: what if someone used the nez crackle polishes that are coming out by China Glaze, OPI, Barry M, etc., to make a franken? Just a thought. I hope to see your posts once again in my Google Reader Feed.

  10. Love your stuff, but I’ve got a question for ya. Have you ever tried to franken the crackle varnishes?

  11. Allison Says:

    How come you stopped blogging?? I wish you would continue to bblog because I just discovered you!!

  12. Lauren Kontout Says:

    Found your blog thru mks pigments & polish blog. I just started frankin and trying my hand at making my own polishes (only for personal use, more a hobby). I find your blog and similar ones invaluable to me. Love to learn all the little tricks and tips to making a beautiful and successful mix of nail polish. Thanks for blogging about your interest in franking! Keep on blogging on

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