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Franken-free Friday: Overseas Beauties

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Happy Friday!
I have some more overseas colors to show you today. Most of these aren’t terribly hard to find, and I’ve even seen a few pop up on ebay from time to time.

First up, a long time lemmings satisfied (once again by my good friend Vikki in the U.K. <3), Stargazer #232. I have a couple other Stargazer colors, and while I am not crazy about the round, bubble-like bottle shape…the colors are very pretty and apply nicely. #232 is a silver chrome with a mirror-like finish to it. Despite being a metallic, it really wasn’t hard to work with. I had very minimal visible brush strokes, and it covered in 2 thin coats.

Next, another U.K. silver…but this one is a holographic! And not just any old holo. GOSH Holographic is THE best silver holo I own. I’ve actually had this one a while and have worn it several times. It never fails to amaze me. 2 coats over Nailtek Foundation II…liquid awesome!

I recently received my very first BYS polishes from Aussie blogger and friend Kaz (check her out at Pretty-Random). The first one I tried out, I fell head over heels in love with. Thunderstorm, which I admit I only wanted because of the name, is a very dark blue-almost-black with fine silver glitter and larger holo glitter pieces. It’s gorgeous. I wore it for 3 days and keep staring at my nails constantly. I applied 2 coats, and it was slightly lumpy on…but evened out with 1 thin coat of TC. The BYS polishes smell AWFUL, just to warn you. I think the waterproofing paint we used on our basement smelled better than these. But the color makes it totally worth it…this one is really unique.

And last up, Mavala Pygmee. Mavala is a Swiss brand, and has a lot of really neat colors. The bottles are teeny, but I have yet to be disappointed by what’s inside! Pygmee is a weird, swampy green shimmer that looks like the love child of RBL No More War and China Glaze Moonpool. The first coat went on a bit sheer, but it covered nicely with the second coat.

Thanks for stopping by! Check in tomorrow…I will have a review up of a couple “Hand Perfection” products I got to try out! 🙂
Have a great weekend, all!

Franken-free Friday: Color change polish

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Happy Friday!

Color change polishes have been around for quite a while now, and I can’t tell you how many different brands I have tried… only to be disappointed that they didn’t actually change color. Del Sol is one brand I have always been pleased with, and the first I came across that worked as promised (more on those in a minute). Claire’s also came out with a line of “Mood” polishes that change color based on your body temperature, and I have one to show you.

This is Peaceful/Confident, a teal/blue creme. It applied very nicely, and I thought the color was pretty.

It changed color when I ran my hands under cold water, but it morphed back quickly and I couldn’t take the picture fast enough. I figured I would try again later, but sadly…I didn’t have a chance to. A few hours later, the polish began chipping and peeling. BAD. I’m talking giant pieces peeling off in sheets. I figured maybe it was just a fluke, or my basecoat/topcoat wasn’t playing nice (Nailtek Foundation II & SV). So I tried again a few days later…this time using Barielle Camo and Manicure Extender. Same thing. So, brace yourselves…here is my Peaceful/Confident mani after a few hours of wear (warning…nakey, yellow stained nails ahead):

So…yeah. These polishes don’t like me. On the plus side, you can see it is indeed a different shade in the latter photo!

Ok, now if you aren’t too traumatized…I have some Del Sols to show you. No nakey, yellow nails, I promise! I bought my first Del Sol polish on vacation in South Carolina a few years ago, and have acquired many more since. I planned on swatching more of these, but unfortunately the sun was playing peek-a-boo with me, so I only managed to get two of them.

This is one of my favorites…Ruby Slipper. Indoors and in shade, it is a pretty silver glitter…very subtle.

Outdoors, in the sun…HELLO! This baby comes to life! It turns into a vibrant red that is screaming for attention. Love this one! I wear it as a pedi quite frequently, and never tire of watching it change colors.

Foxy is one I just got recently, and to be totally honest…I wasn’t crazy about it at first. It looks very bland in the bottle, but once I had it on, I decided I liked it a lot. Indoors, it is a bright pink with slight purple flash.

Again, this one really came to life outdoors in the sun. It changed to a gorgeous shimmery purple. So glad I gave this a chance…I plan on wearing it again soon.

The Del Sols wear really well on me, and I usually wear Seche Vite or Barielle Manicure Extender over them. I’ve also used Sally’s Oh So Wet (my HG pedi topcoat) as well..and they still change color. Make sure whichever top coat you use does not have a UV-blocker in it, because it will prevent the polish from changing color!

I have a Del Sol giveaway coming up tomorrow, so be sure to check back! 🙂

Reindeer Games

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Merry Christmas! I’ve saved my most festive holiday color for last. I’ve had such fun making these themed frankens, and I hope you have enjoyed them!

I used Color Club Sex Symbol silver glitter, and LA Colors Art Deco in red glitter and green glitter.

I added in 1/4 each of Sex Symbol and Art Deco red glitter. The green glitter is a bit more sheer, so I added 1/2 of that to balance out the density of the red.

As you can see, the red is still the dominate color here, but the silver and green glitter shows up nicely. I think even Rudolph would be pleased with this color!

I wish you all a very happy holiday, and hope Santa brings you some awesome goodies! 🙂

North Pole

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, here in NY, at least! We’ve finally been hit with snow…which, to be honest, I’m not fond of. But at least it looks pretty for the holidays!

For this one, I used Revlon Sweet Nothings in Rendez-Blue, Taylor Made pigment in Polar, and fine silver glitter from TKB Trading.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Rendez-Blue, (which was pretty much the entire bottle) then added in 1 teaspoon of Polar pigment, and 1 tablespoon of silver glitter.

I love that this chilly blue has a hint of purple flash, giving it that below-zero-freeze-look. The tiny silver microglitter is subtle, like a tiny flurry of snowflakes!

I have a couple more holiday colors I am going to try and squeeze in before Christmas, so check back very soon!

King Crow

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Today I have the final foil polish to show you!

I thought a black/silver would look really cool, so I used Hard Candy Trailer Trash and Black Mica pigment from TKB Trading.


I used the smaller 0.25 oz sized bottles for this. I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of the Black Mica pigment into the bottle with TT, but if you’re using a full sized bottle, you’ll want to double that.


I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous black and silver shade! I used 2 coats, and it covered perfectly.


The color looks similar to Sally Hansen Raven’s Wing from the Tracy Reese collection, which was a pleasant surprise, since the application of RW was a nightmare for me!

Thanks for looking…stay tuned for some cool summery colors I have coming up!

Pearls On Ice

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I have more foil for you today!

I’ve been saving the lovely MAC Reflects Green pigment I got from Lynn for something special. When I began mixing up my family of foils, I decided it would be a good addition.


I mixed 1 teaspoon of the MAC pigment into a full 0.5 oz bottle filled with Hard Candy Trailor Trash.


The greenish blue subtle flash in this really is gorgeous! It spices up the silver without being too over the top.


Check back for more foil fun! 🙂

Playing with Pigments

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Today, I have some really cool pigments to show you!
Pigments are fun to experiment with. There are so many colors and finishes available…the possibilities are wide open! My friend Gabrielle, who runs The Edge of Sanity sent me some pigment samples from Coastal Scents to franken with.
Look at all the pretty colors! It was difficult to chose which to start out with, but that silver holographic was calling my name. Just look at it!
For the polish base, I’m going to use clear (Revlon Colorstay Clear Sealant).
I transferred the clear polish into an empty bottle, filling it 3/4 full, leaving room for the pigment to mix easily. Using the handy paper funnel trick, I added about 1 tablespoon of the pigment into the clear. After adding in a couple ballz and shaking, here is the result:
WOW! I never tire of holo goodness! I own many beautiful and blingy holo polishes, and this one will fit in nicely with the “family”!
Different lighting to show off the sparkle:
This spectacular beauty is definitely a keeper! While it is similar to Color Club’s Magic Attraction polish, it is lighter and the holo glitter is not as coarse.
I look forward to experimenting with the other pretty pigments Gabrielle sent me, so stayed tuned!