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Review: Hand Perfection by Ellen Sirot

Posted in Hand Perfection, Reviews on June 19, 2010 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Good morning!

I was given the opportunity recently to review a few products from “Hand Perfection”, a line from former hand model Ellen Sirot. Here is a bit of background info on Ellen and Hand Perfection from their press release:

Ellen has been a top hand model, working on countless advertising campaigns and serving as a hand in for A-list celebrities for almost 20 years. In 2009, she launched HAND PERFECTION, the first clinically proven, advanced beauty treatment dedicated to the anti-aging needs hands.

Specially formulated to combat the signs of aging on the delicate skin of the hands, HAND PERFECTION combines skin-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, with protective anti-oxidants and exceptional technologies – in ultra-hydrating formulas. HAND PERFECTION deeply nourishes, tones and tightens skin, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and reduces age spots – helping to turn back the hands of time in no time. HAND PERFECTION is a perfect addition to any manicure.

HAND PERFECTION has received amazing reviews among the media in its first year – garnering extensive magazine, blog and celebrity attention, including:

We won the prestigious 2009 REDBOOK MVP Award

· We won a 2010 Star Magazine Beauty Award

· We have sold out on HSN

· We were featured in the May 2010 edition of More Magazine and

· Tyra Banks gave HAND PERFECTION away as part of her holiday extravaganza!

I don’t usually buy into hype, but I was genuinely curious about these products after they contacted me. I agreed to try them out, and received the Hand Perfection lotion and Nail & Cuticle Treatment. I used both exclusively for one week, twice a day.

I love the packaging for the Nail & Cuticle Treatment! What an innovative idea! The oil is dispensed through a thin, twist up container with an sponge applicator end. MUCH neater than the regular bottle/brush oil combo you usually see. It is small and portable, perfect size for your purse. The oil itself was nice…I’d say it was on par with other cuticle oil brands I have used. The packaging is what really sells this, though.

The lotion, however, could come in a plastic ziplock bag and I would still be raving about it. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. Part of me was secretly hoping that it would be mediocre so I wouldn’t want more of it…but that just isn’t the case. The texture is very light and silky, and to my surprise, non-greasy. It also is fragrance-free, so there is no smell to it at all. It absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth. I even tested this on my feet a couple times with the same positive results. After one week, I can honestly say my hands look better. They have a healthy glow to them, feel smoother, and overall just look nicer. Nothing dramatic, but a definite marked improvement.

So, to wrap things up…my favorite here was obviously the lotion. It is really good stuff and actually does make your hands look nicer and healthier. The Nail & Cuticle Treatment was ok, but I really liked the packaging. If I were to purchase this, it would be because of the convenience and ease of application that the packaging offers.

You can purchase the kit from for $29.

I always love trying out new things, so this was really fun for me! 🙂