The Sorcerers’ New Robes

Good morning!

I’ve got a quick and easy recipe for you today! This one is a breeze to make, and really a beauty!

I used China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway and Wet ‘N Wild Kaleidoscope.

I poured 3/4 of Kaleidoscope into and empty bottle, then added in 1/3 of Bermuda Breakaway. You tweak these amounts to add more of less opaqueness.

Up close to show the holo glitter:

The holo glitter pieces in Kaleidoscope are tiny square shaped, and look amazing suspended in the blue jelly base. I used two coats, and was quite pleased with the result!

Thanks for stopping by, and check back soon for more! :-)

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21 Responses to “The Sorcerers’ New Robes”

  1. Very sparkly! What inspired the title on this one? Did you go see the new movie with Nicholas Cage in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” ?

  2. I love those square glitters in Kaleidoscope – I hope there is more square glitter in up-coming collections.

    This is a fabulous franken!

  3. Pretty color! I think if I were to try this, I’d do a little more blue to make it just a little more opaque.

  4. stephanie40 Says:

    you are an artist!!really i love this blue..

    (sorry for my english language)

  5. oooo I really love this one!

  6. Gorgeous! I love this.

  7. That’s very pretty! I love ow sparkly it is! :D

  8. Wow, gorgeous glitter. It reminds me of Atlantis without any green.

  9. I LOVE the holo sparkles!

  10. Hi,
    first of all i love ur blog. This is a very unique color u have made, if u don;t mind, can u make a mint green franken please.

  11. Jackie S. Says:

    Gorgeous! Great mix!

  12. Me likey! I think I’m going to try this out ASAP!

  13. Oooh pretty! I like the jelly base, it really makes the glitter POP!

  14. Sparkina Says:

    This is beautiful and original. Great work

  15. Just read your whole blog, it was delightful and I definitely feel inspired to franken! I just wish I had more HTF polishes so I could swap for yours on MUA. You should set up shop, I would totally buy your frankens! :)

  16. EnglishHalloween Says:

    Very nice. It seems alittle jelly-like, like a sugared gum drop.
    I like the base and glitter, infact I love Kaleidescope.
    It is very cute

  17. Mommy May Rox!

  18. Yes, I would like an order or pretty nails DRENCHED in glitter !
    (Im a sucker for glitter !!!)

    If you like my video,I would love for you to share it & check out my channel !!!

  19. Great idea! I mix colors on a “palette” (paper I use for mixing – nothing fancy!) but never considered putting them in new bottles for later!

  20. Shellye Says:

    Where do you get the empty bottles you use to mix the frankens in?

  21. Andrea Nicole Says:

    Where do you get the empty bottles??? I NEED those!!!

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