Pink PantHer

Hello, all!

I’ve got a colorful franken to show you today!

For this one, I used a no-name brand I purchased from Supply Source called Crystaline Opal for a whopping 99 cents, Taylor Made pigment in BeBe, and a hot pink glitter pigment from Leishi, which is a foreign brand (but any hot pink glitter will work!).

I filled an empty bottle just over 3/4 full of Crystaline Opal, then added in a half teaspoon of BeBe pigment and approx. 1 tablespoon of the hot pink glitter.

Hello pink! I love how this one turned out! Very sparkly and just fun looking! I used 2 coats, and it was surprisingly smooth for a glitter.

Up close to show the glitter:

Thanks for stopping by…I have some old school colors coming up on Friday, so please check back! 🙂

21 Responses to “Pink PantHer”

  1. Very pink and glittery! I love the name!

  2. LOVE the color. And the name is a perfect match. I saw all that glitter and I thought – ewww – bumpy, so I was glad to hear that it wasn’t so much.

  3. Pretty pink! I can’t believe its smooth..its looks so bumpy. I’m weird about glitter..I hate the bumpy feeling and the removal process but I love the way they look.

  4. That is SO pretty! I’m going to shamelessly copy it, sorry!

  5. WOw! This color looks amazing. Need to buay glitter…

  6. Ooh, very sparkly! I love the name!

  7. This is a gorgeous shade of hot pink!

  8. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that color!

  9. Oh My Gosh – that is stunning! I looked at the ingredients and thought…”I’m gonna really like this one!” and POW! I can’t think of anything that this reminds me of either. You’re brilliant.

  10. Ohhh, this is wonderful! That pink is so vibrant and alive, almost. Very summer. Love it!

  11. This is gorgeous!!!! You never cease to amaze me 🙂

  12. Love this color!! I had a request, and I wasn’t sure where I should leave
    I can’t seem to find Fortune Teller anywhere, and I want it so bad. Do you think you could try a franken for it? I know it’s a Halloween color…but still… *eyes opened wide* please….? Thanks if you can 🙂

  13. Good Golly, that’s gorgeous!
    Love it… 🙂

  14. Sparkina Says:

    Love the name AND the shade. Sooooo feminine, fun and flashy. My inner Fancy Nancy is panting over this one.

  15. And I meant Fortune Teller by China Glaze…lol. oops

    i can’t stop staring at it!!!!!!!

  17. love this color wow i love pinks n this one is A+++

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  19. where have you find these bottles?

  20. (the cylinder ones with black top)

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