Franken-free Friday: Zoya Wicked & Wonderfuls

Happy Friday!

Today I have a few of my favorites from Zoya’s recent collections, Wicked and Wonderful. Both collections are full of beautiful shades, so it was difficult to choose which ones were my absolute favorites. What I really like about these two releases is the variety! So many colors to choose from, in both cremes and shimmers, that it really has something for everyone. These were all two coaters, and applied wonderfully.

First up, Cheryl, from the “Wicked” foily-shimmer collection. This is a gorgeous chocolate-bronze shade, and stood out immediately to me. It is the perfect fall color, and although I am not quite ready for fall yet, I still loved wearing this.

Kelly is another definite standout shade. It is a dark grey creme, with a hint of blue/purple to it. Very unique and versatile…I think this is one of my new “go to” colors when I’m not sure what I feel like wearing.

Edyta was the one I was anticipating the most, and it didn’t disappoint! It is green-ish, with grey and tiny multi-color shimmer. A weird color, but weird in a good way!

Kristi just may be my new favorite red. I know I don’t give the reds nearly enough love. Red is probably the one shade I have trouble pulling off. But Kristi was extremely flattering on, and is a true classic, pretty red. I ended up wearing this for three days (that’s long for me) because I loved it so much.

Julieanne, oh sweet purple Julieanne! All you purple lovers out there need to get this one. You won’t be let down! It’s dark and shimmery, and doesn’t look black in low light.

This entire Wicked and Wonderful collections are truly amazing colors, great job Zoya!:-)

11 Responses to “Franken-free Friday: Zoya Wicked & Wonderfuls”

  1. These all look amazing! I especially love Cheryl and Julieanne.

  2. I’m a new follower to your blog. I found it while surfin the blogs yesterday afternoon. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Edyta is so pretty – I hadn’t seen it pictured quite like this. *sigh* Zoya is going to be the death of me!

  3. bellebathandbeyond Says:

    I actually look forward to Fridays now to get to see your swatches. 🙂 You picked the best of the bunch but I particularly love Cheryl on you!

  4. thanks for the posts -kelly omg, edyta – omfng!!! so pretty gotta get my hands on those, julieanne -is on the list too no what im buying in my august haul

  5. Good choices for your faves! I adore Kelly!! I just did a review on the wonderful set if you’d like to check it out :

    Great swatches by the way 🙂

  6. you and scrangie are going to be the dealth of my wallet! great picks, and you should wear red more often because its very complimentery on you, well i think so anyway!

  7. I like Cheryl and Julieanne! Awesome colors! I’m in lust! 😀

  8. Kelly is gorgeous!! All the other ones are really pretty too, great choices, I think I have to place a Zoya order now! 😛

  9. lizfizz Says:

    Aw! your pinky nail broke–poor you : (
    Kelly looks so beautiful on you! I love it. I’ve seen other bloggers swatches, but this one looks the best. where can you buy zoya polish? does it have to be ordered online?

  10. I like the the dark blue 🙂 It’s gonna be awesome with my stamping nail art kit Maybe you will like stamping nail art

  11. Also my favorite red!!! fall in love in the first sight!!! take it

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