For Elmor

Hello, all!

Today I have a color that was a request by a friend of mine. She wanted something along the lines of China Glaze For Audrey, but with a squishy, jelly finish like RBL Bikini Bottom. This one was actually super easy to make, and I nailed it on my first try. My friend Elma was quite pleased with it as well, so I named it after her (Elmor is a silly nickname I have for her).

I used Wet ‘N Wild French White Creme, New York Summer Hot Sky Blue, Tropical Manicure #13, and NYC Clear.

I filled an empty bottle half full of clear, added in just a tad less of 1/4 each of Hot Sky Blue & TM #13, then added in about 5 drops of white.

I loved the color so much, and am glad I made an extra bottle for myself to show off on here! I used 3 thickish coats, because we all know how I feel about VNL’s. This one is very versatile, so you can wear it as sheer or as opaque as you want!

Thanks for stopping by! More coming up soon πŸ™‚

28 Responses to “For Elmor”

  1. ha ha the name makes me think of elmor fudd! but the color is soooo pretty. i wish i could buy this!

    thats nice you make things for your friends :-}

  2. Wow, this is to DIE for!

  3. That is gorgeous. For Audrey is one of my favorite polishes and this definitely has a bit more of a jelly rather than creamy feel. Awesome!

  4. I love that color! The name makes me think of Elmer glue, though. LOL.

  5. This color is amazing! I want a bottle too (pondering over what I can use to franken this)!

  6. Oh this color is wonderful. AHH I want it!

  7. I love that color! I’d attempt to re-create it, but I know I would fail miserably.


  9. that colour is… perfect.<3
    i want it so bad.

  10. Awesome color!

  11. so pretty! i really love this. wish i can buy this off you =]

  12. This is one of my favorites of all your frankens to date! I’ve never heard of/seen the brand Tropical Manicure in real life before, though – would you be able to suggest any dupes for that color/ways that those of us who’d like to replicate the franken but can’t get that color might be able to do it? Thanks!!

  13. I like this color, it’s look like deep sea in a tropical country =)

  14. Gah! I love this color! I wish I had it on right now!
    – Liz

  15. Wow, this one turned out really beautiful. Mine are always so dull. Maybe I should stick to a minimum amount of polishes.

  16. lady_sherlock Says:

    GORGEOUS! This is my first time commenting on your site but I have been a long time reader! Minty greens are my favourite — this colour is like my dream come true! Great job!

  17. […] tell you about her? You mean you haven’t checked her blog out yet? Ugh. (I particularly love this franken of […]

  18. OMG I really love this color! :O It’s so nice!

    One question, where have you bought the empty bottles? πŸ™‚

  19. my 1st time here in your website. elmor reminded me of tiffany’s color =)

  20. This is such a lovely colour!

  21. beautiful green

  22. i really love this!

  23. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    What a yummy colour.

  24. it is fantastic, looks great

  25. love the gray love the seafoam green love the website.i have a whole bag of nail polish im tired of…im gonna be a mixin fool hehe thanks for the inspiration…

  26. oMG i love this i would totally buy this off you

  27. BEAUTIFUL! I love this. πŸ™‚

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