Franken-free Friday: BB Coutures!

Happy Friday!

Today I have a few polishes to show you from one of my absolute favorite brands, BB Couture. BB Couture may not be as well known as OPI or Essie, but their polishes are AMAZING. The have some of the coolest and unique colors, and their formula is one of the best I have ever used, hands down.

First, is a color that is near and dear to me. Frosty Meadow was the first BB Couture polish I bought a few years back, and not only is it GREEN…but it’s a green jelly with glitter! Of course I didn’t notice until later on my pictures of this all came out slightly blurry, but you get the idea. This is 2 coats, as are the rest:

Napa Valley Red is another one of my BBC favorites. This has the same jelly-like base with glitter, but with a vampy twist! Very fitting, since this is one of the colors created by Kelly from Vampy Varnish.

Painted Lady is one of the newer BBC summer colors from the Ladybug Collection. It’s a gorgeous orange jelly with glitter, and so perfect for summer.

Finally, I have one of my other new favorites that I got with my last order, Intake Valve. This is one of the BB Couture “polish for men” colors, but of course it looks just as good on ladies! Intake Valve is a pale grey creme with a touch of purple and slight shimmer to it. Really cool looking! I love these grey/purple colors, and was pleased that I couldn’t find a dupe for this in my stash.

I buy all my BB Couture polishes from Overall Beauty, and have had nothing but outstanding experiences with them. Kim, the owner, is such a sweetheart, and always sends me personal emails with updates on my order, or answers to my questions.

Thanks for stopping by! I have some more fun frankens coming up, as well as goodies to giveaway, so check back!


9 Responses to “Franken-free Friday: BB Coutures!”

  1. Love them 🙂

  2. ohjinguhsshi Says:

    those first two colors are stunning. 😀

  3. prettybudget Says:


  4. oh i love the last one! i mean, they ALL are pretty but the last one is a really kewl color =O)

  5. Frosty Meadow is probably my favorite BB Couture polish ever! ❤

  6. I love Painted Lady and Intake Valve! I think I really need to buy those two! Great swatches 🙂

  7. I love those! Love Intake Valve! Love the names :p

  8. wow I can’t believe I haven’t heard of intake valve before!

  9. Oh my. Painted Lady is kinda breathtaking! I honestly don’t think I’ve seen an orange like this. Where can I get BB Couture’s in the UK? I need this colour for summer badly!
    And of course Napa Valley Red is stunning too. It’s the epitome of Vampy Varnish.

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