Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Elizabeth/Lacquered Lizard, who is the winner of my Del Sol giveaway! Elizabeth, you should have received an automatic email, so please send me your address and I will get these pretties out to you asap!

Thanks everyone who entered, and I will have more goodies to giveaway soon! ❤


8 Responses to “Winner Announced!”

  1. Woot she is so lucky! always wins stuff 😛 Congrats Elizabeth :))

  2. WHoo Hoo!!! Thank You!! rijaH, that’s weirdly true… first time in my life, I swear! 🙂


  4. congrats, lizzie <3<3<3

  5. Woho, grattis to Lacquered lizard. Can’t wait to see those on her blog

  6. Luciana Says:

    I would love to see the swatches!


  7. xnosugaraddedx Says:

    congrats!! 😀

  8. Damn, this girl has won about ten times already!

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