Franken-free Friday: A Couple Kleancolors

Happy Friday!

I have a couple Kleancolors that I just bought recently to show you. First off, I must say that I absolutely love their new bottle design. I’m partial to square shaped bottles, but these are really pretty. I have a modest collection of Kleancolors, and have always been pleased with the application & wear on them. Plus, they have really cool colors. One word of warning…they STINK to high heaven! Very chemical-y smelling…so make sure to open a window.

I purchased these from an ebay store, because I was only buying a few. also has a lot of Kleancolors, not to mention a ton of other goodies from NYX and such, and I usually order there when I’m making a fairly big order. This first one, I thought for sure was a misprint in the listing. They had it listed as “Vikini Green“, while Kleancolor’s site says “Bikini Green” (which makes more sense). But low and behold…when I got it….

Yup, that clearly says “Vikini Green”! Maybe I just got a misprinted one, but that’s alright. I think it’s silly, and it reminds me of my friend Vikki…so it’s all good. Anyway, here’s VG…

Looooooooove! This is what I’d call a neon-pastel. It’s very bright, but still has that soft, creamy look to it. This is two coats, and was perfect and streak free.

The other color I have to show you today is Neon Purple. Not a terribly fun name, but what it lacks in the creativity department it makes up for by what is inside the bottle. Again, two coats and it came out flawless. I hate photographing purples, because no mater what lighting/settings I use, they never come out 100% accurate. This one is a tad less blue in real life.

I was positive this was another neon creme, but I noticed later on it has a very subtle secret shimmer to it!

Thanks for stopping by…have a great weekend & don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who won the Del Sol giveaway!

17 Responses to “Franken-free Friday: A Couple Kleancolors”

  1. hi! normally im a silent reader but i wanted to say this, the green is fabuloous. it so bright that my eyes are hurting!

  2. Never heard of kleancolors before, it’s so fun to read your blog and find out about new stuff. 😀
    I love the Vikini green, hihi, such a vavoom-color. 😀

  3. I love Vikini Green, not surprisingly! =P

    Love the purple too though, obv.

  4. I have to have that green. Love the purple too. Nice swatches.

  5. *snorts* Vikini. Love the typo, love the colour. And the sneaky shimmer in Neon Purple is amazing.

  6. both look great on you! 🙂

  7. They sell Kleancolor at a local beauty supply store. I have a few but the brushes always give me issues. What is your take on the brushes? Any problems with them?

  8. Stephanie Says:

    OMG I have the same color with the same name. It’s by a brand called Santee, and the name is of course Vikini Green. Its weird because Santee also has a square-ish bottle

  9. paleyostoic Says:

    Kleancolor must have issues with mixing up the letters “B'” and “V” because I just bought a color called Covalt from them-yes, a dark metallic blue. Oh, those wacky foreigners! 😉

  10. Thanks everyone!
    I didn’t have any issues with the brushes any of mine, new or old. But it wouldn’t be the first time a polish company had a batch of wonky brushes out there! 😛

    That is too funny about the V’s and B’s!

  11. I Love the “neon pastel!!”

  12. charlene Says:

    I have that neon purple and LOVE IT! YES…THE SCENT IS HORRID FOR REALS!!i’ve stayed away from my kleancolours since i got preggers, but i shall soon indulge again…some nice ones I have are Barbie Pink and Charcoal and Cobalt Blue too…i have some more neons as well, like the yellow and the green, and the fuchsia! I am gonna see if they have that viking green at the store!

  13. I just found your blog a few days ago, good job btw =), anyway I have “Vikini Green” too only it’s by Santee not Kleancolor… they must be owned by the same people? I actually think it’s the brightest polish I own!

  14. I love the vikini green! I live in canada and KleanColour is not available in it. Do you mind having a Vikini green giveaway in the summer? (since it is like a summer colour) plz try and do this. I can’t even order it because it is in american dollars. Plz do a giveaway, and try to give me one. I would really appriciate it. Thanks

  15. Hey Lily, presumptuous much? Entitled much? Amanda they all look awesome on you, you do such a great job with application!!!

  16. Wow Lily. Asking for a giveaway, telling her what to give away, and then asking to win?! You’re a little ray of sunshine aren’t you?

  17. On few words, great, cheap, & amazing;
    fun colors, long lasting, beauty design,
    I love all that with glitters, the blues and
    the purples. thanks

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