Franken-free Friday: Color change polish

Happy Friday!

Color change polishes have been around for quite a while now, and I can’t tell you how many different brands I have tried… only to be disappointed that they didn’t actually change color. Del Sol is one brand I have always been pleased with, and the first I came across that worked as promised (more on those in a minute). Claire’s also came out with a line of “Mood” polishes that change color based on your body temperature, and I have one to show you.

This is Peaceful/Confident, a teal/blue creme. It applied very nicely, and I thought the color was pretty.

It changed color when I ran my hands under cold water, but it morphed back quickly and I couldn’t take the picture fast enough. I figured I would try again later, but sadly…I didn’t have a chance to. A few hours later, the polish began chipping and peeling. BAD. I’m talking giant pieces peeling off in sheets. I figured maybe it was just a fluke, or my basecoat/topcoat wasn’t playing nice (Nailtek Foundation II & SV). So I tried again a few days later…this time using Barielle Camo and Manicure Extender. Same thing. So, brace yourselves…here is my Peaceful/Confident mani after a few hours of wear (warning…nakey, yellow stained nails ahead):

So…yeah. These polishes don’t like me. On the plus side, you can see it is indeed a different shade in the latter photo!

Ok, now if you aren’t too traumatized…I have some Del Sols to show you. No nakey, yellow nails, I promise! I bought my first Del Sol polish on vacation in South Carolina a few years ago, and have acquired many more since. I planned on swatching more of these, but unfortunately the sun was playing peek-a-boo with me, so I only managed to get two of them.

This is one of my favorites…Ruby Slipper. Indoors and in shade, it is a pretty silver glitter…very subtle.

Outdoors, in the sun…HELLO! This baby comes to life! It turns into a vibrant red that is screaming for attention. Love this one! I wear it as a pedi quite frequently, and never tire of watching it change colors.

Foxy is one I just got recently, and to be totally honest…I wasn’t crazy about it at first. It looks very bland in the bottle, but once I had it on, I decided I liked it a lot. Indoors, it is a bright pink with slight purple flash.

Again, this one really came to life outdoors in the sun. It changed to a gorgeous shimmery purple. So glad I gave this a chance…I plan on wearing it again soon.

The Del Sols wear really well on me, and I usually wear Seche Vite or Barielle Manicure Extender over them. I’ve also used Sally’s Oh So Wet (my HG pedi topcoat) as well..and they still change color. Make sure whichever top coat you use does not have a UV-blocker in it, because it will prevent the polish from changing color!

I have a Del Sol giveaway coming up tomorrow, so be sure to check back! 🙂


20 Responses to “Franken-free Friday: Color change polish”

  1. That is a shame about the Claire’s color! I have seen it mentioned on a message board that a lot of other people had issue with these, too, so it isn’t just you!

    Love “Foxy”! My drugstore now stocks Del Sols so I will pick this shade up for sure!

  2. i love the del sols!

  3. Patricia Says:

    wow those Del Sols look awesome! I’m gonna have to go hunting to see if they sell them around here! ~Patricia

  4. I have never seen polishes like the Del Sol ones but now ofcourse I want one! 😀
    Unfortunately they’re not available in europe…bah!

  5. thecandiedmango Says:

    Ruby Slipper is incredible! I have a pair of flip flops from the store in San Diego, and I saw their eyeshadows, but I didn’t find any polishes.

  6. I had a similar issue with the Claire’s mood polish. I found that the entire nail of polish would pop off, not just chunks. I think a REALLY good basecoat might fix this.
    Since they’ve lasted at least a day I’m still happy with them. The novelty is enough to keep me usingi it, at least on my toes. 😛

  7. I wore Claire’s Happy/Earthy yesterday and had the exact same problem. By dinnertime, I was missing HUGE chunks. Such a disappointment. Although, I really think that the novelty of watching it change color all day will be enough to make me use it again. 🙂

  8. […] Franken-free Friday: Color change polish « Dr. Frankenpolish […]

  9. […] Franken-free Friday: Color change polish « Dr. Frankenpolish […]

  10. So glad to hear it isn’t just me that had problems with the Claire’s!

    For all you guys who can’t get Del Sols…check back tomorrow for my giveaway 😉

  11. > “Make sure whichever top coat you use does not have a UV-blocker in it, because it will prevent the polish from changing color!”

    Okay, this just gave me an idea for doing “invisible” designs. I have no idea whether that would work, though.

  12. OOOO! Invisible designs…that sounds really cool!

  13. Hey, I had the exact same problem with the Claire’s Mood polish, and some of my other polishes. But I bought a rubberized base coat from Orly and it works great! It keeps the Claire’s Mood polish lasting for days without chipping. I also use it for my other polishes and it lasts for more than a week without chips. Love it!

  14. Wow! The Claires chipped fast on you..did you use a top coat too?!

  15. Jackie…yes, I actually tried two different top coats and both times it ended up looking like that. 😦

  16. I’ve heard about the Claire’s Mood polishes doing that. I think it must be body chemistry, because I wore them with the exact Nail Tek and SV combo and it wore like iron for me.

  17. I’m a former employee of Claire’s and I can say that ALL of the nail polish chips off no matter what base or top coat. It will rarely last more than a day. Their colors also usually require more than 3 coats. All of this is sad considering how pretty their polishes really are.

  18. That Del Sol polish is way too pretty. I live in NC…I wonder if they sell them around here? 🙂

  19. […] delivery), I think they’re too expensive.  The fun factor can’t be argued with and Ruby Slipper (scroll down) looks like it may be a bit of a must-have from the range.  But at that price, I […]

  20. I find this odd- I’ve been wearing Claire’s Excited/Bored for 3 days now and it still looks perfect! Perhaps it’s the many layers of topcoat, 1 topcoat then a konad, 2 top coats, another konad, and 1 more top coat.

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