The White Queen

Good morning, franken-friends!
Today I have an Alice In Wonderland themed polish for you. I have yet to see the new AiW with Johnny Depp, but from what I’ve heard, it is very good. When I was a kid, my sister and I were obsessed with the 80’s version that had Carol Channing playing the White Queen, as well as several other stars playing the characters. My old VHS copy is still tucked away somewhere…I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, even though I haven’t had a VCR for years!

Anyways…back to our franken! I used Milani Honey Coated, and Tinker Pink pigment from Pure Luxe.

I filled an empty bottle almost full of Honey Coated, then added in 1 teaspoon of Tinker Pink pigment, and shook well.

Alright, well not that impressive in the bottle. On my nails, it was a different story.

OMG I love this one! ❤ It has a pretty satin-like sheen to it, and an ever-so-subtle blue shimmery flash. Perfect for those days you can't pick a color to wear…this really goes with everything!

I even decided to play around with it the next day and jazz it up a little with a double funky french. I used green glitter and silver glitter nail art pens:

I just made a whole batch of new frankens, and can’t wait to show you all. Also, I have some other goodies to giveaway, so check back soon!Thanks for stopping by! 😛


6 Responses to “The White Queen”

  1. bellebathandbeyond Says:

    So beautiful, Amanda! This is what I wanted to see in the OPI Alice collex and not two reds. I loved the cold look of the White Queen and her kingdom and I just wish OPI took advantage of that by coming up with a pretty white polish! It’s been a while since I’ve last seen that kind of color from mainstream brands.

  2. ooh i like that!
    it’s very clean-looking.

  3. Sparkina Says:

    That is GORGEOUS> So frosty and glowy!

  4. Thank you! I agree about OPI…they nailed it with AA, but the two reds were very boring!
    I would have loved to see a wild Cheshire Cat purple!

  5. I love the glittering double french tips! It makes the look!

  6. hello i wanted to know wear do you get those bottles, the ones u use to store ur mixed nail polishes?

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