Franken-free Friday: Some Borghese love!

Happy Friday!
Today I’d like to show off some polishes from one of my favorite brands, Borghese. Borghese doesn’t get nearly enough love, and trust me, there’s a lot to love. Their formula is excellent, and if you are a cream lover, the Borghese creams apply like butter! My only complaint about Borghese was that they didn’t have enough color variety. You all know how I feel about my greens!
But recently, Borghese came out with a new collection called Tutti Gelati…with GREENS! And a yellow, too!

So here are some of my favorites, new & old, for you to enjoy! All of these are 2 coats over Nailtek Foundation II & no topcoat.

Tutti Gelati…a gorgeous shimmery pink that is very close to China Glaze 100 Proof Pink (which is now discontinued). They aren’t exact dupes, but if you love 100PP, then you need this one:

And one of my favorite reds, Borghese Red…this practically applied itself:

And we can’t forget Stellar Notte! Wow is all I can say.

Look how the color changes in the sunlight:

The color shift in this is awesome…it reminds me of an oil spill in a parking lot…that gorgeous blue/green/purple flash.

Another creme…Mezzanotte Blue. This is a very dark navy, but it doesn’t look black.

Outdoors in the sun…so smooth and shiny!

Borghese had a collection a couple years back, I believe it was called “Roman Holiday”, that had some amazing colors. Festa Cerise was one of my favorites. It’s a pink jelly with teeny pink glitter flecks in it.

And one of my favorite blacks, Notte Black, is not your typical black. It has the slightest shimmer to it, making it stand out amongst my collection. And it applied effortlessly…usually I make a huge mess with blacks and dark colors! I must apologize for my jaundiced looking hands in this photo….I had just taken off a dark green before applying Notte Black, and obviously didn’t do a very good cleanup job!

And speaking of greens, the last one I have to show you is a new acquisition that has quickly won me over. The new green, Pistachio. I think it speaks for itself!

You can find Borghese at most drug stores, and they are definitely worth checking out if you have never tried them before. I have a bunch more colors, but I’ll save those for another day! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and check back tomorrow to see who won my giveaway! ❀


20 Responses to “Franken-free Friday: Some Borghese love!”

  1. prettybudget Says:

    Love them! and haha “this practically applied itself” ^^

  2. Thanks for chiming in about this brand. I see it in the drugstore and it is priced comparable to the Orly but never hear to much about it from any of the nail bloggers. I always wondered.

  3. i saw the tuti gelati display at walgreens the other day and almost bought that pink. i def. need to go back and get it (and others! ! !) now. so glad you posted these!

  4. I have Stellar Note and just love it. I found one lone bottle and grabbed it because I needed a backup. I saw the green and plan to get that one. I haven’t seen the red, but it looks perfect – not too blue or yellow. The pink is gorgeous and looks perfect for spring.

  5. They’re all gorgeous! Notte Black looks amazing, right up my street!

  6. bellebathandbeyond Says:

    This is so beautiful, Amanda! Your swatches make me want all those Borghese polishes I passed on in the past! Yikes!

  7. Nom nom, wish we had this in the UK!

  8. Thank you, everyone!
    I could go on forever about how much I love these πŸ˜€

  9. I agree! Borghese gets bashed for being a “drugstore” brand that’s “too expensive”
    One use and you’re sold. They are worth it and I’m GLAD I can get them at the drugstore!

  10. Jackie S. Says:

    I agree! I have stellarnotte and mezzanotte and I love them both!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stellar Notte! A fabulous duochrome!

  12. DragonRhia Says:

    Pistachio is very unusual and cool.

  13. Hey Amanda, when I try to empty my bottle with acetone, it leaves that nasty white residue chunky stuff in the bottle. How can I prevent that?

    Stellar Notte….*dies*

  14. Hi Arrianne…
    I make sure to use 100% pure acetone since it is stronger and cleans the bottles well. If there is any residue left behind, try adding more acetone, shaking well,and repeat until it is all gone. I’ve had those stubborn white spots stay behind before, and I take a q-tip and swap inside the bottle and that usually does the trick! πŸ™‚

  15. christine Says:

    Nowhere around here sells Borghese. I got Stellare Notte though and my nails must absorb all the duochromy-ness because it just disappears! your swatch of it makes me want to punch my bottle and yell at it like gym teacher. also the caps suck.

    Pistachio. dies.

  16. ooo! I have stelle Notre (the most I have ever spent on a polish!) and I like the look of Notte Black and that navy…Mezzo-something blue. Very pretty!

  17. I always pass on the borghese, because of it’s stable reds and pinks. Last night, I wanted a halloween nail polish that wasn’t titanium grey sparkle thing, as it was too dull, in some cases for my halloween bride of frankenstein get-up. since my eyeshadow was going to be somewhat of a purple color, and not the smokey color, i wanted something to match. I saw this on the shelf, picked it up and noticed the duochrome purple and green. Perfect halloween colors and monster colors. when i applied it, after 2 coats, they finally look good. i was surprised that inside, it’s a titanium purple color and switches to green when holding nail another way. in the sunlight, it is clear that it goes between purple and green. awesome. i will pick up another goth bottle tonight, if that other one is still left. hahahaha

  18. hahaha. left out the color. stellar notte. awesome!

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