Gypsy Rose

Hi all! I’ve got a pretty pink to show you today!

I used Sally Hansen Red Awakening, Wet ‘N Wild Lavender Cream (which is not Lavender at all but a bright pink), and Wet N’ Wild Bronze.

I filled an empty bottle half full of Bronze, and added in 1/4 each of Red Awakening and Lavender (PINNNNNK) Cream.

Now this one came out a bit unexpected. Yes, it’s a typical rosy pink shade, but it has grey shimmer! Not silver, grey! Very different, and I like it!

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14 Responses to “Gypsy Rose”

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love that it isn’t too flourescent of a pink, but totally wearable all year long. The frost in it is just beautiful too!

  2. Patricia Says:

    wow that is a great pink!

  3. TOHME TOHME Says:


  4. ooooooooo i like that one a lot!

  5. I made a sorta similar franken…
    No grey glitter tho…that’s awesome.

    Please check out my giveaway!

    ♥ SailorWifey

  6. This is like CG’s Strawberry Fields, but it! Well done!

  7. This one is just perfect!

  8. KattiePL Says:

    we are sending U “I love your blog” Award

    Klub Lakierowy Team

  9. What a unique-summer-pink! I’ll need to start frankening more and posting pics on my blog 🙂

  10. love this color, but if i was more pinkish and less reddish, i’d have love it even more 😀

    btw, i think i might have just found the exact same glitter used in CHINA GLAZE’S Altantis nail polish. I’ve posted a picture of them up on my blog and they are like twins.

    what colors do you recommend me to add to Altantis if i want to change it’s color? the polish is pretty but just doesn’t suit me sadly 😦 i so badly want it to work.

  11. Thank you everyone!!! ❤

    Prissy…maybe try adding some darker cremes into Atlantis to change the color. A dark purple creme sounds like it would turn out really nice. Or a green 🙂

  12. amanda: hmm, i don’t have any dark purple creme at the moment, looks like i would be ordering grape pop by china glaze soon 😛
    black creme would be good, maybe it’ll look better. i’ve some red creme though, it’s time to experiment. would white polishes do any good?

    as for green creme, i do have OPI’s jade is the new black on my hands. heh! thanks alot babe 🙂 will work on it and let you know if i succeeded.

  13. this one is wonderful i love it

  14. Chilipflanze Says:

    Very pretty, i love iit.

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