End of the Rainbow

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Of course I have a green to show you today!

For this one, I used Pure Ice Heartbreaker, OPI Sonic Bloom, and Art Deco in black.

I filled an empty bottle half full of Sonic Bloom, and added 1/4 each of Heartbreaker and black.

You can really see how vibrant the green is in this!

And check out the purple/orange flash!

I wish I could capture just how glowy this looks in real life!

I really love this one a lot…not just because it is green, but it has a beautiful color shift that catches your eye in the sun!

That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by!:-)

41 Responses to “End of the Rainbow”

  1. anotheremptysky Says:

    O.O OMG!!! I love this one!! I think I have all of these colors too, I might just have to recreate it 🙂

  2. Wow. That’s utterly gorgeous.

  3. WOW WOW WOW – this is spectacular!!!!!!!

  4. This is SO STUNNING. I CAN’T take my eyes of this one! You’ve outdone yourself!

  5. WOW! Gorgeous!

  6. Love it! I’m trying to make a darker green as we speak.

    ♥ SailorWifey

  7. This is beautiful! I would call it “hummingbird” after the hummers that flit about here, they have a gorgeous green feathered head like that polish color, and when they are irritated or being territorial, they flex their feathers and it catches the light differently changing them to that red there. I can’t find a shot of that actual bird, but here’s a red-throated one to show you the colors I am talking about: http://www.flickr.com/photos/richarddumoulin/3558263504/

  8. OMG! ❤

  9. Holy crap I want that one! SO AWESOME! ❤ Can't you like, make me a bottle so I can buy it from you? 😛

  10. That’s awesome! I would never have guessed that those colors together would make such a pretty green! You’re so talented. 🙂

  11. makeuponista Says:

    Wow! 😀

  12. I had no idea you could even make such a vibrant green from what looks like two blues and a black! The orange glitter is so lovely.

  13. You so need to go work for some big polish company and make more awesome stuff like this!

  14. WOW … it’s so damn pretty, never thought 2 blues and black glitter would make such a beautiefull colour!
    Maybe the best one you’ve done so far x3

  15. Dont think I have ever seen any like this before 😀 It is really a unique color 😀

  16. Love it! I have a hard time finding a green polish that doesn’t look too harsh on my skin tone. Maybe I need to franken my own. 🙂

  17. Wow! This is my favorite of your frankens! This is spectacular!

  18. Sparkina Says:

    GORGEOUS and oh, so glowy! Would be great for a pedi!

  19. HOLY HOTNESS!! This one is epic. Your best ever!!!

  20. That is so gorgeous, and the bit of duochrome-y-goodness is a lovely unexpected twist!

  21. AHHH!!! this is AMAZING!!! i must get a heartbreaker and sonic bloom so i can recreate this. soo beautiful!

  22. Jennifer Says:

    One of your all-time best!

    Would love to see a post about reader’s favorites — could be a lot of fun.

  23. Holy hotness, this is awesome! So gorgeous!

  24. I LOVE IT!! It’s awesome, it trully is! I mught just buy the colors and mix them too :))

  25. azazella Says:

    WOW!!! wish i had these polishes to make it! :O

  26. Oh, WELL done!!! That’s gorgeous!

  27. salvagedexpression Says:

    Wonderful! Makes me really want to sacrifice some duochromes to experimentation!

  28. vbie3714 Says:

    THAT IS AWESOME! And I’m even “meh” on greens! Wow.

  29. That is AMAZING!! And, I luckily have all these ingredients…I have to have this…yesterday!!

  30. Wow, its beautiful! I can’t stop looking at it 🙂

  31. WOW! That colour is amazing! =)

  32. Wow! This is my dream color! It’s such a lovely true green shimmer. (and a duo/multi chrome to boot) This one totally inspired me to pop my frankening cherry. 😉

  33. cosasonolenuvole Says:

    love your creations… and this one particularly! 🙂

  34. wow!! i love this so much.. so cool

  35. That green is so gorgeous! Green is my favorite color and I’m wanting that one ; )

  36. I love this color! However, when I tried to get Sonic Bloom from 8ty8 beauty, they really fell through. Very poor customer service! I am wanting to make this so bad, but I can’t find that OPI color anywhere! Any suggestions on where I can find Sonic Bloom?

  37. wow, what an amazing colour! i’m kinda shocked though – both heartbreaker and sonic boom seemed so blue in the picture, but mixed together they make THIS – a super awesome green. talk about magical!

  38. fluffy Says:

    I LOVE this colour sooooo much! But i cannot get all the colours here in Singapore…boo-hoo…..

  39. Oh, my, lanta. That is gorg! *immediately follows your blog*

  40. Omg, I reaaaallly want to recreate this color! Anyone know of a dupe of Sonic Bloom?

  41. This color is captivating! I just can’t stop staring at it in awe! You are amazingly creative!

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