Love of My Life

I’m really excited to show you today’s franken. Yes, the name is a bit mushy, but hey…this is a romantic and mushy holiday! This is my first attempt at using large shaped glitter, and I’m proud to say it went over quite well.

I used Crystalline Glitter polish from Supply Source, and some light blue and purple holographic loose hearts I had laying around.

I filled an empty bottle half full of Crystalline, then added in the hearts. I wanted to make sure I had enough hearts, that’s why I only used a half bottle of polish. I added in a couple ballz, shook, and let the polish sit until I could swatch it the next day.

Whoa, now! That looks quite pink…how did that happen?! It turns out the holo purple hearts bled into the polish, tinting it pink. I was disappointed at first, but realized the hearts were still intact (although now silver). So I went ahead with my mani, anyway.

I decided this would look best layered over another color. I tried several to give you an idea of how it looks. I used a plain black creme, white creme, red creme, and pink shimmer. My pinky has nothing on it but the franken, so you can see how it looks unlayered. I was amazed how easy this way to use…usually with this type of big glitter, I have to pick out the pieces with an orange stick and arrange them on my nail.

Close up of the black:

Thanks for checking out my blog! For all you Valentine haters out there…I have a color coming up next just for you! 😉

11 Responses to “Love of My Life”

  1. This is crazy good! Love the black!!!!!

  2. I love it, good job using the big hearts. It looks so pretty in the bottle, and I love it over white!

  3. GORGEOUS! Great job

  4. I too experienced color bleed into my Valentine’s franken, except mine was a white shimmer and I used red and pink glitter from Michael’s crafts. I wonder what kind you have to use to not get the polish to leech the color out?

  5. SalvagedExpression Says:

    I had a similar bleed with a star franken I made of course then the stars turned clear and mostly melted themselves. This on the other hand is lovely!

  6. hey do you find the hearts peel off or snag on clothes? I tried them too but they kind of raise on top of the nail surface and it gets all rough. I tried piling on a heavy top coat but it doesn’t help 😦 any tips?

  7. I would love a polish that would let me use it and the hearts go right on the nail. I hate picking it out of the bottle like you mentioned. It is annoying

  8. That looks a lot like a polish from Maybelline, I think the name is “Pink Valentine”, it has glitter and big hearts. And yeah, it is also annoying to fish for the hearts, but in the end it’s a nice result 🙂 I use it as a top coat over other colours, as it’s like a clear/transparent pink.

  9. That’s an amazing franken. Love the big hearts. Shame it bed into the polish. Still looks fantastic.

  10. Thats so cute! thanks for the idea! I will try this myself 🙂

  11. Where do you get the balls from to put in the polish?? Thanks!

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