Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow!

Not only some useful advice, but also the name of today’s franken! Now, hopefully even if you don’t care for the color (hey, yellow isn’t up there on my list of favorites, either) at least you will get a chuckle out of the silly name!

I used L’Oreal Bijou B.Outrageous and a sheer, shimmery white polish from It’s A Girl Thing. I got the later at Dollar Tree, but any shimmer white will do!

I filled an empty bottle half full of B.Outrageous, and half of the shimmery white.

This yellow-gold shimmer actually looked better on that I was expecting. Of course, even if it looked horrendous on me, I still would have posted it for comedy’s sake. 😛

Thanks for stopping by! I promise you something a bit prettier is coming up! ❤


8 Responses to “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow!”

  1. Very nice. Elegant and frosty

  2. Looks good in the bottle. Very streaky though. The name is perhaps the best thing about it…

  3. haha, I laughed at the name of this franken. I love the names you give your creations

  4. Eat yellow snow, it can be beer!

  5. I like this color alot! Pretty 🙂

  6. It looks a lot like the yellow in the Sally Hansen HD line! I love yellow 🙂

  7. Good name! I like that sparkly yellow. Very cute.

  8. Growing up in New England, I heard that phrase a LOT! So glad its been immortalized in a gorgeous frankenpolish. Yummm…love the yellow snow! hehehehe

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