8 Crazy Nights

Shalom! In honor of Hanukkah, I’ve created a special holiday franken.

I used Wet ‘n Wild clear, Martha Stewart glitter in Blue Topaz, and LA Color Art Deco polish in blue glitter.

I filled an empty bottle with 1/4 of the clear, 1/2 of Art Deco blue glitter, then added in 1 tablespoon of Blue Topaz glitter.

This polish was so glittery, I couldn’t even get my lens to focus properly.

The best part about mega-glittery polishes like this? They wear like iron! So you can enjoy this pretty for all 8 crazy nights!

Thanks for stopping by! More holiday fun to be continued! 😛


20 Responses to “8 Crazy Nights”

  1. ChocolateCoinz Says:

    That reminds me of Chanukah… I need for my bar mitzvah.

  2. WOW! Sparkly! 😀

  3. Oh I LOVE this one!

  4. SalvagedExpression Says:

    Absolutely awesome polish! How fine do you find the glitter has to be to stay suspended?

  5. Ohhh glitter fantastic! I like how the name suits how long it will last… oh glitter! I can’t wait to see your other holiday mixes!

  6. I love it ! Very great 🙂

  7. Blue glittery goodness..luvs it!

  8. I love the colors on this. It looks beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the glitter in that!

  10. Oh, that is crazy-gorgeous for Chanukah and the year round

  11. nice! seems vary fun to make your own polish! where can i buy those empty bottles ?

  12. Thank you all 🙂
    I have some links listed under the FAQ section to the right on where I get my empty bottles!!

  13. This is amazing! I love your frankens…very creative

  14. Wow I really love this one! I might even try to copy this..

  15. God that is soooo gourgeous. I love blue nailpolishes, and blue glitter nailpolishes even more!

  16. ohhhh, this is one of my faves!! LOVE!!

  17. What a beautiful blue you made. I love glitter and the more the merrier. Shalom to all.

  18. The polish looks like a really cute version of Absolutely Alice by OPI in the Alice in Wonderland collection

  19. Very nice I like it

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