Good news for all you pink lovers…I’ve got something on the softer side for you today!

For “Ladylike”, I used Sally Hansen Jewel Frost and Revlon Colorstay in Endless Pink (another Dollar Tree find).

I poured half of each into an empty bottle, plus ballz, and shook well.

Now, to be honest…these types of colors aren’t really me. I like loud, colorful and blingy. But this pale shimmery pink is so pretty that even I had to give it a try!

Thanks for stopping in…and be sure to check back soon! 🙂


5 Responses to “Ladylike”

  1. IHazAlienSO Says:

    dhis will be perfect for my fiance’s birthday! yay!

  2. Hi!! Thank you for showing your wonderful ideas!! I’ve never mixed nail polishes before, but I have to try now! Those colours you made are so beautiful!! Thank you!! xx

  3. where do you get the empty bottles?!

  4. This is a ladylike shade. Pretty but kinda ordinary. Love everything else that you do.

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