Little Monster

What better way to start out the day than with a little green? 😉
We all know that I love my green polishes, but today’s franken is a bit more on the tame side. And the bonus is, that it’s pretty darn easy to make!

I used New York Summer Amaranth (please ignore the sad state of the bottle…it had a bit of an accident when I was moving) and OPI Dazzle Me.

I added 1/2 each into an empty bottle, added a few ballz, and shook.

I used 3 very thin coats, and it still had a bit of sheerness to it. Usually VNL’s (visible nail lines) bother the hell outta me, but I didn’t mind it so much with this one.

The perky green is a lovely eye-catching color, while the shimmer really softens it up!
I’ve been working on some really cool new polishes, as well as some holiday ones. They will be up very soon, and as always, feel free to email me any requests. Thanks for stopping by! 😀


16 Responses to “Little Monster”

  1. beautiful!!!! almost like a glass-flecked shimmer!

  2. I LOVE it! Such a gorgeous green. I think I have some similar colours to the ones you used… tempted to have a go myself!

  3. Beautiful colour! I’m not one for lighter green polishes, but this is a beautiful shade and the sparkles really liven it up!!

  4. OMG i love this so much!! Very beautiful!

  5. Oooo, I think I’ll do this one!! I might add some large glitter, though. =]

  6. UTIGurrrlll Says:

    I really like that. It reminds me of the color of the bottle of my UTI medication.

  7. lausiepoos Says:

    That is so pretty! I’m sure it’d look great layered too. So pleased to see your nais coming back ❤

  8. Hello! This is my first comment here, so I’d like to say hi to everyone 🙂

    Your blog inspired me to create my first ever franken and I just did my nails with it, absolutely love it! Thank you so much for inspiration! From now on, if I can’t find a certain colour I’m after or I see something I like but can’t afford, I will know what to do 😉

    All the best!

  9. Very pretty but you can never really go wrong with green…=D

    I was wondering if you used zinc plated BB’s or just plain stainless steel ones? I’ve heard the zinc ones will mess up the polish?

    TIA—Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. happy thanksgiving!

    i can’t believe i just stumbled upon your blog of utter ingenious – i’ve always fostered an obsession with nail lacquers! i just spent quite some time (and still am) going through your archives.

    the colors are unbelievable. geeeenius!

    bisous, xx

  11. super pretty:)

  12. Gorgeous! Especially nice for the holidays! Very festive

  13. Beautiful color, as usual!

    Oh, and I tagged you in my “15 Blogs” post 🙂

  14. WOW! I am amazed by all your polishes!
    I made my first franken a few nights ago and i know it won’t be the last.

    Can you share with me where you buy your empty bottles? I haven’t found anything similar to what u use.

    Happy Frankening!

  15. Sorry scratch that! I just found your Faqs page!

  16. Love any green you make.

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