Eeeek, I’ve been so busy and frazzled with all the moving and such that I forgot to renew my Photobucket Pro Account. :-O My bad!
Thank you to those who messaged and emailed me letting me know about the issue. I’m going to fix it ASAP, so all my pics should be back up soon!

And an update…I am closing on my house in less than two weeks! Yay!


8 Responses to “Whoops!”

  1. WiccanNailz Says:

    Thank you. I needed some ideas for my Great Rite this coming weekend.

  2. How exciting for you Amanda! I wish you much luck.

  3. I have a request of sorts. There are these polished with small foiled flakes in them, I was wondering if you knew how to make them or could find a method of making them. I am in love with them but its so hard to find these kinds of polishes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here are some pictures.

    LA Girl Rockstar - Crowd Surfing swatch

  4. Kontradiction Says:

    Hi, found you and added you on Twitter. I would seriously LOVE a dupe for O.P.I.’s Lincoln Park After Dark…it’s sooo costly to wear and well, I love it. It’s also a new Matte Colour by them (OPI) also. Just thought I’d put my request in in case you read your comments. Thanks for all the fun and frankening! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your closing! May you have only great times in your new house!

  6. Do you have any recommendations for a polish the color of dark honey in a jelly finish? It seems like all the browns are either super dark, super shimmery, or maroon based and most yellows are either neon, pastel, or shimmery. I can’t for the life of me find a polish this color (even as a cream or shimmer) or find polishes that seem like they would be good for frankening this color, so any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  7. Hope all is going well with the new house and you come back soon with some awesome frankens! I check the site daily to see if youve frankened anything new! Looking forward to your future creations!

  8. were are u DR. Franken

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