Oregon Green Matte

I am very excited for today’s matte franken! I have been loving the matte look lately, and what is better than an awesome green matte?

I used Chromium Oxide Green pigment from TKB Trading, and Nailtek Foundation II.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Nailtek, then mixed in 1 tablespoon of Oxide Green pigment.

Be still, my heart! I think I actually shrieked out loud when I saw this one in the bottle!

And wow, once on my nails, I knew this one was an instant win. I’ve noticed a lot of mattes tend to look slightly lumpy in up close pictures, but honestly they look smooth on my nails! Thank you to my friend, Elma (an Oregon native) for helping me name this.
I have a few more mattes coming up, including another green that is EVEN BETTER, so check back! πŸ˜€


13 Responses to “Oregon Green Matte”

  1. QueenofGreen Says:

    You should just send me the color since I’m the Queen of Green and I can stay at home all day to paint my nails while I watch Regis and Kelly.
    I will email you my address.

  2. I love the color, somehow it reminded me of a green crayola crayon. weird!

  3. MightyLambchop Says:

    Love this! Love the name since I am an Oregonian too.
    This would make a really fun University of Oregon themed mani for football season especially if you mix textures. Shiny/matte in green and lightning yellow would be killer!

  4. This is so strange, looks to me like green plastic or something!

  5. Now why isn’t this shade available from the polish companies! I love it. I adore green polish, shiny or matte. Looking forward to seeing what you have next.

  6. That is amaaazing! The greenest green I’ve seen. πŸ™‚

  7. That is COOL! I’m about to send in a TKB order. Did you use that whole packet of green for one bottle?

  8. Thanks πŸ™‚ TKB has awesome pigments for frankening! I only used about a tablespoon of pigment for a full sized bottle…you could probably use a little bit less since mine was very opaque. I still have plenty of pigment left over in the baggie. πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you, Lucy! ❀

  10. Oh my, that’s really matte! So cool!

  11. YOU ROCK!!! πŸ˜€

  12. OMG i am speechless. green is my FAVE color…this came out so pretty.. i just came across your sight and i am amazed.

  13. Hi bro.
    I the beginner.
    Probably, it will be interesting to you,new Story


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