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Wishful Thinking (also some news!)

Posted in Glitter, Purple with tags , , , on August 31, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Hello Franken-friends!
I have a really cool glitter polish for you today. I received a ton of compliments on this one when I wore it…glitters tend to have that effect on people. 😉

For the base, I used LA Colors in Amethyst, which is a pretty color on its’ own…but sadly, after I opened the bottle the cap was all wonky and wouldn’t close again properly, so I decided I may as well franken with it while I was re-bottling it.

After pouring the entire bottle of Amethyst into an empty bottle, I added in 1 tbsp. each of Martha Stewart glitter in Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. You can use less glitter for a more subtle effect, but I wanted this to really shine!

I can see why this was getting so much attention from people…it’s fabulous! I think this one will be going on my favorite franken list.

Up close of the glittery goodness…

Now, I know a lot of you are curious as to what this “big news” I’ve been hinting at recently. Sadly, it isn’t polish related, but it is huge news for me. My fiance and I have been house hunting for our first house this past year, and after what seemed like forever…we finally found it! People told me house hunting and the home buying process was horrible and stressful, and they were absolutely right! But I made it through this all alive, and will be moving into my new house in a month. I’ll be taking a brief break from frankening, but I promise I will be back soon with some cool stuff for you all! 🙂 Halloween is coming up, after all!
And as always, thanks to all of you polish lovers that take the time to read my blog and leave me wonderful comments…you guys are awesome! ❤

Winner announced!

Posted in Other on August 27, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Thank you everyone who entered the matte giveaway! I have so much fun doing these contests. 🙂

The winner randomly chosen was anotheremptysky!

Now, I know I mentioned that I have some news to share, so that will be coming up soon, as well as more frankens and another giveaway! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Matte Giveaway

Posted in Other with tags on August 19, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Ok, for all you matte lovers out there…I am having another giveaway!
The winner will receive a full sized bottle of matte DrFrankenpolish polish (their choice of color), and a random assortment of other goodies.

Enter HERE

The contest will be open for one week, and I will announce the winner on Friday, August 28th.

Good luck, everyone! 🙂

Štěstí Matte

Posted in Blue, Green, matte with tags , , , , , , , , on August 11, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Out of all the mattes I have made, the one I have to show you today is my absolute favorite!!
I used Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green pigment from TKB Trading, and Nailtek Foundation II for this one.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Nailtek, then added in 1 tablespoon of Oxide Green pigment. These mixed very easily with the help of a couple ballz and some light shaking.

I must repeat…THIS IS MY FAVORITE MATTE EVER! Very rarely have I worn my frankens (or the rest of my ginormous stash of “regular” polishes) more than once…but I have worn this one THREE times since making it! Can you see why?

I’m sure you are wondering about the name. “Štěstí” is the Czech word for luck. Although I am not normally a superstitious person, I’ve been wearing a lot of green polish lately for luck. Hopefully, it’s been working and I’ll have good news to share soon! 🙂

Tomato Pie Matte

Posted in matte, Red with tags , , , , , , on August 8, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned my aversion to red polishes before, but I couldn’t resist making a red matte! It’s not that I don’t like red polish…they just tend to look bad on me!

I used Red Lake pigment with TKB Trading, and Nailtek Foundation II.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Nailtek, then mixed in 1 tablespoon of Red Lake pigment.

Ok, I was a bit nervous about this one. I was afraid the red would clash with my skintone, but I really liked this one! It has a touch of orange to it, which gives it a lovely summer feel.

Be sure to check back soon. I have another green, as well as another fun giveaway! 🙂

Oregon Green Matte

Posted in Green, matte with tags , , , , , , , on August 5, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

I am very excited for today’s matte franken! I have been loving the matte look lately, and what is better than an awesome green matte?

I used Chromium Oxide Green pigment from TKB Trading, and Nailtek Foundation II.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Nailtek, then mixed in 1 tablespoon of Oxide Green pigment.

Be still, my heart! I think I actually shrieked out loud when I saw this one in the bottle!

And wow, once on my nails, I knew this one was an instant win. I’ve noticed a lot of mattes tend to look slightly lumpy in up close pictures, but honestly they look smooth on my nails! Thank you to my friend, Elma (an Oregon native) for helping me name this.
I have a few more mattes coming up, including another green that is EVEN BETTER, so check back! 😀

Glacier Matte

Posted in Blue, matte with tags , , , , , , on August 2, 2009 by Amanda Frankenpolish

Since my last batch of matte polishes were such a big hit, I decided to whip up another set! Lately, all the major polish companies have been releasing matte collections, so matte is definitely a hot look right now.

I used Colorona Dark Blue pigment from TKB Trading, and Nailtek Foundation II.

I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of Nailtek, then added in 1/2 teaspoon of Dark Blue pigment.

The blue is slightly darker in real life, but the color really does pop!

You must excuse the sad state of my nails…they have been very finicky lately and not behaving!
I had more mattes coming up, including TWO really awesome greens so check back!!