Special Guest…”Dr. Flinty”

Today I have a special guest frankener! The wonderful Kris (flinty on MUA) has so graciously agreed to share her creation with us. And boy, is it a good one! I received a lot of emails recently, asking for a dupe for Lippmann’s new color, Funky Chunky. I have been extremely busy lately, but I’ve been trying my best to get through all reader requests. I was really excited when Kris told me she had frankened a Funky Chunky dupe, so without further interruption…here it is!

Here is my Funky Chunky frankendupe which I’ve called Feelin’ Hexy. The recipe is simple: Wet n Wild Black and black hexagonal nail art glitter (available on eBay). For two-thirds of a 0.5fl oz bottle’s worth of WnW Black, put in about ten scoops of the hexagonal glitter (and a couple of ballz to shake it up). You may want to start out with only eight scoops and swatch to see exactly how many scoops you would prefer to put in.

When applying, use regular black nail polish for the first coat to make sure your manicure looks reasonably neat (the hexagons make it hard to apply the polish neatly). For the second (and final) coat, use Feelin’ Hexy: shake up the bottle and make sure you have enough of the polish on the brush to cover most of your nail in one stroke. Apply it the polish right up the middle of your nail, spreading the bristles of your brush wide against it. If you have very long or wide nails, it might be a better idea to use two strokes that are applied side by side with as little overlap as possible. The polish should be opaque in a single coat. Do not use more than one coat of Feelin’ Hexy because the delicate hexagonal details from the first stroke will disappear under the second coat and appear more like a lumps than like the outlines of hexagons. Do not use a top coat with this polish: WnW Black is highly glossy on its own and the extra polish will likely further obscure the detail.

Check out more from Kris at polishorperish.blogspot.com

Thank you again, Kris, for sharing your franken! I’m always interested in seeing the cool polishes others come up with, and I’m always on the hunt for guest frankeners. 🙂

15 Responses to “Special Guest…”Dr. Flinty””

  1. Amazing!! Well done, Kris.

  2. What a fantastic franken! Great job Kris 🙂

  3. That is so cool! The nerd in me cant help but think that the touching hexagons look like hydrogen bond diagrams…remind me to try that manicure for AP Chem 🙂

  4. This looks so cool! I’ve seen a swatch of a polish like this at Lacquer Laine. It’s very nice!

  5. Nice job, it really does look like the real thing!

  6. Cool, this is an interesting franken and dupe! It’s a cheaper alternative as well!

  7. Jennifer A. Says:

    This franken is cool, but actually not quite accurate. The actual Lippmann polish is more jelly-like and a bit sheerer (in between sheer and opaque, needing two coats). It’s too in between for me, so I’m actually trying to franken my Lippmann bottle to make it sheerer as a layering polish – otherwise I won’t use it. I think when it’s sheerer it will look great over polish – like a grey creme!

  8. Great idea, but I’m not sure I like the chunky look.

    (Not to diss you, flinty, I don’t really care for the Lippman either. ;))

  9. You did a pretty good job of that crap Lippmann polish. I don’t know why anyone would want chunky polish. I was very disappointed in it. The important thing is that I have Superstar finally. I’m glad for the hint of using one coat of plain black polish. It is a pain to put on. The first time I used the polish I used a topcoat of Seche. Big mistake. It smoothed it all out.

  10. No offense taken! 🙂 Actually, I’m not a fan of Lippmann at all. I’ve been disappointed by just about every polish of hers I’ve tried (if I’m gonna pay that price, that polish had better be able to make me breakfast in bed for me to be happy with it). But I wanted to try to make something in the spirit of Funky Chunky because I am obsessed with hex glitter and love the idea of subtle texture variations.

    I’m aware that the original Lippmann was more sheer and required more coats to really build up the glitter but I was really kinda turned off by a lot of peoples’ swatches of it: it was just TOO CHUNKY! for me; it looked uneven and application looked like a b!tch. So I didn’t want to dupe it exactly. What I was interested in was the clear hex outline without the super uneven texture so I decreased the glitter a lot and left the WnW Black as opaque as possible. (That said, if you want something more like the original, pour in a bunch of WnW Clear and more hex glitter — maybe thin it out a bit with polish thinner — and you should be good to go!)

  11. Istjmbti Says:

    How would you make Ruby Red Slippers from the Lippman collection?

  12. Oh… my… this is my HG franken. I’ve almost gotten it but not quite. I’ve failed so far because I can’t find any red hex glitter that doesn’t get stripped of its color by nail polish. (Anyone who can find some, please tell me where!!) So far, I figure that I can use WnW Black but with a lot of WnW Clear to jelly it up, then add something like ChG Ruby Slippers (or some other red glitter polish) and toss in red hex glitter.

  13. I meant ChG Ruby Pumps! 🙂

  14. The drug store sells an eight ounce bottle of medicine; the meat packer sells a pound of beef. ,

  15. Now for the unpleasant part. ,

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