Last Shuttle To Pluto

Today I have the grand finale to our planetary journey into duochromes. It seems fitting that our last planetary polish should be Pluto! I know, I know…Pluto is actually no longer considered a planet.

I decided to use Wet ‘N Wild black again because I thought it was a good choice to compliment the Travel to Pluto pigment from TKB Trading. I filled an empty 0.25 oz bottle with 3/4 black, and mixed in 1 teaspoon of Pluto pigment.

Is it grey? Purple? Blue? I think I even see a bit of green in there! As you can see, I needed several pics to capture the color morphing going on here!

Again, no sun here. Grrr! This one is truly spectacular in person, and I am glad I saved it for last!

Although this duochromes were fun to make, they were a pain in the butt to photograph! I may attempt some more in the future, but I’ll be moving on to other ventures so check back soon.


12 Responses to “Last Shuttle To Pluto”

  1. IHeartzMJ4Evah Says:

    This will be perfect for the memorial of my dear friend Michael. You’re very inspirational *does moonwalk*

  2. I’ve loved everyone you’ve made. I think this is the best. Such beautiful colors that glow every which way. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks for all the beautiful polishes you’ve shared with us. I’m Really loving it.

  3. This one turned out amazing!! I love the different colours, it’s more of like a triochrome or something! If I had this on my nails, I would probably keep looking at them every 5 seconds or so. =D

  4. Penemuel Says:

    Pluto is totally still a planet, they just don’t like to call it one. 🙂 *refuses to let her favourite planet be demoted*

    And that is a really gorgeous colour! Thank you for showing us these!


  6. g0rjuz colour

  7. That’s gorgeous! And I don’t care if it’s only a Kuiper Belt object, Pluto will always be a plante to me.

  8. You’ve been tagged!

  9. Woah, nice duochrome! I know duochromes can be pain to get on picture, but I think you managed well!

  10. great !!! I love it !!

  11. beautyjudy Says:

    THis is gorgeous!

  12. SodapopCurtisLover16 Says:

    I love it.

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