Swimming on Neptune

All aboard…next stop…Neptune! Here’s a fun fact…did you know that the planet Neptune was named after the Roman god of the sea? When I think of the sea, I think of swimming…so that’s where the name for my franken came from.

I’ve experimented with different colors for each of my duochromes, and the possibilities are endless. The neat thing about these Planetary pigments are that they look different when mixed with alternate colors.

For today’s franken, I used Revlon Color in True Camisole, which is a sheer pink, and Travel to Neptune pigment from TKB Trading. Travel to Neptune is a shimmery pink with a strong blue flash. I filled a 0.25 oz bottle 3/4 full with True Camisole, then added in 1 teaspoon of Neptune pigment.

I love how this one turned out! It’s like OPI Rosey Future on steroids!

The great thing about these pigments is that even when mixed with a sheer or clear polish, they are completely opaque in 2 thin coats!

Of course it has been raining here for a week straight, so sadly, I had no sun to work with. The blue flash in this is really more vibrant in real life.
Thanks for looking, and hopefully you aren’t tired of duochromes yet because I still have a few more for you!

12 Responses to “Swimming on Neptune”

  1. That is gorgeous!!!

  2. WiccanEars Says:

    This is making my Wiccan Wolfpup eyes water because of its beauty.

  3. So, so, SO pretty! I love it.

  4. This is soo prettttyyy. Duochromes are so awesome and your franken looks cute and reminds me of baby showers with the baby pinks and blues. hehe

  5. Another beauty Amanda! Sweet Little Angel is so right. A mixture of baby blue and pink. Very pretty nails. Looking forward to more.

  6. stephanie Says:

    these are all so cool! maybe i’m weird, but i’d like to see a side-by-side comp of the powder on the skin vs. on the nail. does the duochromey quality change?

  7. Another winner! I love your blog!

  8. Rosy Future totally needs an upgrade and I think you found it!

  9. I love the blue/turquoise shimmer! Or, maybe pearl finish. It’s adorable!

  10. That is so beautiful! I think I will order some of that powder to make my own! When you order the pigment/powder from TKB Trading do you order the sample size? Cause I don’t want too much and not know what to do with it. Thanks!!

  11. I usually get the sample sized ones to try out before I commit to larger ones! The sample bags contain a nice amount of pigment…plenty to make several frankens with, so it works out great!

  12. Sparkina Says:

    That is gorgeous! Great for a wedding!

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