Mercury Rising

Today our visit into franken-land will be taking us to Mercury!

I used Maybelline clear, and Travel to Mercury pigment from TKB Trading. Mercury is a deep bronzy/orange with flashes of green and gold.


I filled a 0.25 oz empty bottle with 3/4 clear, and then added in 1 teaspoon of Mercury pigment.



The color shift in this one was definitely more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail, but it’s still cool looking.



We still have more travels through the galaxy to cover, so check back soon!

10 Responses to “Mercury Rising”

  1. Very pretty! I really need to find somewhere where I can buy some empty bottles because I really want to experiment!

  2. DonutsofSpace Says:

    Mercury? That’s where my alien friends live. Is this NASA approved? I might need to wear this when I go visit them.

  3. This franken looks interesting. It sort of reminds me of copper, but this is more reddish/pinkish. It looks great!!

  4. You may burn up going to Mercury but this is a fabulous polish you made.
    Such a beautiful color. I have to start digging into my minerals. I have loads of them. How do you know what kind of base color to use? You used a clear on a previous franken and then a black. The polishes were from you other galaxies. Help!

  5. Duochrome, yay! Such a beautiful polish you’ve made!

  6. mercury isn’t a planet…

  7. Gabrielle Says:

    Don’t know what solar system you’re living in Allie, but Mercury is the first planet from the sun in mine.

    Amanda, smoking hawt polish – in any solar system!

  8. Yeah.. well….. Uranus isn’t a planet!

    lol jk

  9. maybe allie was thinking of pluto being demoted to a not-planet…i miss my planet pluto 😦

  10. Shoshana Says:

    Where can I buy these minerals? This color is fantastic!!!!

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