King Midas Touch

Today’s franken is another request! The lovely Kim asked if I could make a black with shimmery gold, and as it turns out, I just got an order of TKB pigments in the mail, including a beautiful gold shimmer!

I used TKB Gold Reflecks micro glitter pigment, and Love My Nails black for this one.The LMN black is more sheer than the Wet ‘N Wild black I normally use, allowing the glitter to show up better. If you do use the WnW black, just mix it will clear to dilute it a bit.


I filled an empty bottle 3/4 full of the black, and added in 2 tablespoons of the gold pigment. I tossed in a few ballz, and shook it up.


I crossed my fingers and anxiously waited to see if the glitter would hold up in the polish. I let the polish sit overnight to be sure, and was pleased to see it was still sparkley and pretty the next day! Luckily, I had a nice sunny weekend, so I managed to get some sun pics.



Outdoors/full sun:


Close up/full sun:


Thanks for looking!

22 Responses to “King Midas Touch”

  1. omg that is sooo pretty!!

  2. MoarVictorianThanEvar Says:

    Hai this would go perfect with my pecan colored jeans that I bought from the pegan festival last weekend. I must make this.

  3. Lovely! Much better than Wagon Trail!

  4. Wow, this is amazing!!! so pretty

  5. I like the name of it, very suitable! This is like China Glaze Wagon Trail but this is with glitter and WT is with shimmer. Love it, as always!

  6. Could you make a Limegreen with purple glitter? I think that would be cool.

  7. Very pretty, has a great sparkle to it!

  8. YAY! It turned out awesome! =)

  9. I can’t see the pictures – it says “bandwitdth exceeded”.

  10. Damn! I can’t see the pictures either. Photobucket site maintenance and also bandwidth exceeded. How cruel of them. I’ll try again later.

  11. I can’t see it either 😮

  12. All the pics should be working now…I upgraded to a PB Pro account with unlimited bandwith 🙂

  13. moonstruck Says:

    Pleeeease, Dr. F, can you make a dupe of Rescue beauty lounge´s Teal ?
    I guess I could buy it, but I refuse to do that because I can get approx. five Misa-polishes for the cost of one RBL 😉 If you show me how to mix a dupe, I´ll be ever so happy 🙂

  14. Amanda I can see them now. Thank you. The polish is really pretty. I wish I could do this like you.

  15. Ooooh, that is SO incredibly gorgeous! One of my favorites of yours!

  16. Oh, I’ve done the same thing but with CC black:P
    Super pretty!

  17. gasp!1 cough!!! choke!!!!!!!

    I need this color in my life!!!

    Seriously THE BEST one of yours I have seen, so far!!

  18. I ADORE the glitter. I really want to try that. 🙂

  19. I love this colour. I love most of the colours that you have made actually, expecialy the darks and the bronzy-goldy ones!

  20. Sparkina Says:

    Oh, how GLAMOROUS. Really beautiful

  21. Freaking WOW!! This is like an exaggerated version of ChG Wagon Trail. *IN LLLOVVVE*

  22. MissDeeCanada Says:

    This is just like that new yellow-greeny/black nail polish from the style black collection from mac. SO COOL!

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