I’m Not Really A Jedi

I have another interesting dark delight for you today!

I used New York Summer Class Act, Pure Ice Oh Baby, and Wet ‘N Wild black creme.


I filled an empty bottle half full of Oh Baby, and added 1/4 each of Class Act and black. Darker colors require quite a bit of mixing, so be prepared to shake, shake, shake!


Now, you’re probably wondering about the name. As soon as I swatched this polish, it immediately made me think of Jedi light sabers for some reason! I decided to name it “I’m Not Really A Jedi”, kind of a play off of OPI’s popular shade, “I’m Not Really A Waitress”.



Outdoors/full sun:


Close up/full sun:


This color definitely is up there with my favorite creations so far! I have a couple more darker colors coming soon, so check back!


29 Responses to “I’m Not Really A Jedi”

  1. trueblackbeauty Says:

    I love this shade!

  2. Cool color but I especially love the name!

  3. Flippin’ gorgeous Amanda!

  4. May the force be with you! Good name for your beautiful creation. Beautiful shimmery and looks like a foil. Love it.

  5. Oooh that’s beautiful! I love those deep, shimmery foresty greens!

  6. Ohhh I love this one and the name…..Love it!

  7. neglelakkmani Says:

    Gorgeous! 😀

  8. No no not really a jedy…you’re a genius!!!
    Toooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

  9. Wow-friggen-Wow, this is soooo beautiful. I thought how could you possible top that gorgeous ‘Aztec Gold ‘.

    You really have a gift for creating all of these beautiful colors!.

  10. This is great! I love the name. I tried doing some frankens with some old ones I had lying around, but they are really awful!

  11. Krystal Says:

    Love it! I have a question: Where do you get the New York polish? I’ve never heard of it…

  12. I love it!!!!

  13. Haha, I had a feeling you were making a pun off of I’m Not Really a Waitress!

    If I had this manicure I probably wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to make lightsabery noises whenever I have to move my fingers around.

  14. That looks like Misa Toxic Seduction, but like 10 times better, but in a good way.

  15. lazybeautiful Says:

    OMG, that’s gorgeous! Reminds me of Misa Toxic Seduction, except this looks waaay better.

  16. I totally understand that this is one of your favourites! OH MY GOSH, Amanda! Sooo amazing!

  17. hey dr franken polish omg im sooo in love with your polishes there amazing u should start your own line of polishes i was wondering if i could post your blog url on my blog in my favorite blogs? im loving your stuff and im always open to free samples hhehehe take care hun =p

  18. HILARIOUS NAME!! Love it!!

  19. I would never imagine that shimmery light blue, pearly white and black would make this amazing green…beautiful!

  20. Oh WOWWWW! That colour is incredible and it really packs a lot of shimmer. Love it! And what a fun name you came up with.

  21. NailzLuvesFreebies Says:



  22. Csarah718 Says:

    I love this polish almost as much as I love Star Wars. You are outta control in the best way possible. Keep up the amazing work

  23. wish you would sell your polishes! i am too lazy to franken my own but love your creations. i love this one and your dupe of RBL’s locavore

  24. I don’t even wear this type of color and I love it!

    If I had the money I would totally fund you for a polish line.

  25. i love the name – i didn’t expect the color to come out that way at all!

  26. This is HOT!! Love it!

  27. Sparkina Says:

    REALLY gorgeous. Tropical yet spacey. Beautiful and fun. GREAT work

  28. Books&Polish Says:

    Wowowowowowow!!!! O.O So. Amazingly. GORGEOUS!!! O.O Seriously one of the most beautiful polishes I have EVER seen! Seriously. And I FLIPPIN’ LOVE the name too! I am a fan of Star Wars and all things dorky lol ‘-.- Awesome job, I salute you 😉 Love your blog btw, makes me wanna do some Frankens of me own….YeS cReAtE tHiS bEaUtIfUl PoLiSh I mUsT! Lol, Yoda voice ;)))

  29. I wanted to thank you for this very good read!!
    I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I have got you book
    marked to look at new things you post…

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