Iron Butterfly

Purples have always been a favorite of mine, so naturally I need to include a dark purple with my newest family of creations!

For today’s polish I used Wet ‘N Wild black creme, Pure Ice Rio, and Creative Rock Royalty.


I filled an empty bottle with 1/8 each of the black and Royal (really, any dark purple will do), then topped the bottle off with 3/4 of Rio. Again, these darker shades take a bit of extra shaking so if it doesn’t seem to be mixing together, be patient and keep shaking!


This vampy purple has a glowy shimmer that is stunning when the sun catches it!



Outdoors/full sun:


Close up/full sun:


Thanks for looking! I have a few more of these that are really cool, so check back!


17 Responses to “Iron Butterfly”

  1. ahhh! purple is one of my favorite color too. this turn out really nice πŸ™‚

  2. Krystal Says:

    That’s friggin’ awesome! Purple is my favorite color as well, and I especially like the dark, vampy colors. πŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. WolfpupLeashnCollar Says:

    This is very beautiful! I should propose this to be the official color of our convention next year.

  5. Gosh, that’s sooo cool! I love that it’s so dark, purple, with colours glitters/shimmer in it. I can’t wait for the next ones!

  6. Oooh, I love dark glowy purples! *shakes fist at heat2toebeauty* Get more empty bottles in stick, damn you! I’ve got a whole list of polishes to buy at the drugstore and no bottles to mix them up in!

  7. charlene Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  8. Very pretty! Looks like a night sky!

  9. Love it! Beautiful glow and shimmer. Makes me smile just to look at it.

  10. I love purple! And this polish looks gorgeous

  11. Reminds me of Viva La Vespa but 100xs better.

  12. Oh this was amazing!!!! Love it!

  13. Slight holo to it as well….gorgeous!

  14. I love this color. The deepness and richness truly makes it look like it’s lit from within. Kudos for making such an amazing color… once again!!

  15. his is soooo deep & rich in the sun, just gorgeous!

  16. Now I know why purple is still a fav color of mine. πŸ™‚

  17. PLENTY OF GORGEOUS and oh, so glowy!

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