Aztec Gold

I’ve been busy catching up on reader requests, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have written in with ideas. My next set of frankens was inspired by a request I received from Sara, who asked if I could make some darker, “almost black” colors with shimmer. I had a lot of fun making these, and am quite pleased with how they turned out!

For today’s franken, “Aztec Gold”, I used Sally Hansen New Lengths in Tapestry…a shimmery gold color, and Wet ‘N Wild black creme.


I filled an empty bottle with 3/4 of Tapestry, and 1/4 black creme. I shook this well, and let it sit for a while before shaking again. Mixing with a rich black such as the Wet N Wild black creme usually take a little extra shaking, but it’s well worth it!


I am head over heels in love with this color! It is so unique and glowy!


Now you know I have more of these dark colors up my sleeve…so check back soon!


46 Responses to “Aztec Gold”

  1. anotheremptysky Says:

    ooh it’s SO glowy!!!! πŸ˜€ lovely.

  2. OMG! It’s friggin gorgeous!


  4. I’m not normally a big fan of gold polishes but that is beautiful! So deep and mesmerizing.

    I sure hope you’ve got one headed this way that is a silver, just as beautiful.

  5. Whhhhhoooooaaaaaa! πŸ˜€

  6. Holy moly it’s Wagon Trail on crack!!!

  7. Pretty! I wish i could do polishes like that!

  8. That’s a fabulous color! Thanks for the inspiration – I have a ton of those old Sally Hansen polishes in colors like that which are too light for me to wear on their own. I’ll be trying this soon.

  9. Oh My Goodness, that is gorgeous!


  11. Wow…this is just amazing! I’d love to get my hands on a color like this!

    BTW – This blog is a great idea…I always enjoy the creative colors you come up with!

  12. Amanda I am struck speechless. I’ve had to go back and look at this polish three times before I could type this. I think this is just about my favorite that you’ve created. I had to go look again. Just beautiful.

  13. Ooo! Wicked! Just gorgeous!

  14. oh gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Amanda, OH MY GOSH! Totally love it! I want this!

  16. I’ve never frankened before, but just seeing this gooooorgeous polish is making me consider it.

  17. You come up with THE best colors, I swear it. This is no exception, simply GORGEOUS!

  18. Just saw a post with a polish I love alot from this pic, Stromboli: Dupe-request! πŸ˜€

  19. Sybelle Says:

    Oh holy frack! It’s similar to a SH Salon that I got a few years ago, but even foily-er and more glowy. :O!

  20. Holy crap I love it!! Oh this franken is sooooo going on my list of stuff to try!!

  21. Holy crap I just read the description, you remembered me! πŸ˜€ Sweet! It looks like what I wanted Wagon Trail to be, but this one freaking *glows*. Awesome.

  22. Come to momma baby!! πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, that’s freaking hot.

  23. love it! it is amazing, and now i want to go buy those 2 colors just so i can make my own. thank you for sharing!

  24. beatriz Says:

    YOWZAAAAAAA!! i LOVE THIS! i must try this – could be my first frankepolish!!

  25. omg amazing!
    I’ve seriously never seen anything like this. WANT!

  26. Gorgeous! =O

  27. BrattyCatt Says:

    Damn is that ever cool!! I love this one!

  28. Volyund Says:

    My God!
    That’s your best creation so far.
    Can you make a batch of that and sell it?

  29. I love it!! I may even be tempted to try my first fraken :o)

  30. *ded*

    just completely ded

  31. Your a genius………

  32. Wow, I really love this. This is amazing looking!

  33. Oh my! This color is wonderful!

  34. OMG I freaking LOVE this color!!!!!

  35. This colour is so gorgeous! It reminds me of China Glaze’s Wagon Trial (which I love) even though I think they’ll look distinctly different side by side.

  36. seriously, you need to start selling Frankened polishes.

  37. This fraken is truly something…..FANTASTIC! It is one of the best ones I’ve seen you whip up. You are soooo good with your custom blends. Love it and of course if you were selling this color it would be SOLD OUT in no time flat.

  38. WOW.

    I tried to think of some actual adjectives for this, but all that keeps coming to mind is… WOW.

  39. Ooooh, this would be perfect for Saints games in the fall! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind.

  40. Thank you, everyone! This one is one of my favorite frankens so far…I love the color! πŸ™‚

  41. HOLY CRAP i want to try something similar. So gorgeous!

  42. Sparkina Says:

    GORRRRRRGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Great for weddings and formal dances. So glowy!

  43. Evelina Says:

    OH. MY. GOSHNESS! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! =D

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    New here. Thanks

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  45. GORGEOUS! Love the name too!

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