Lost Treasure of Atlantis

Happy Memorial weekend! On this lovely Saturday, I have a pretty blue glitter for you.

For this one, I used Color Club Sultry Diva gold glitter, Jade Twilight Blue, and Maybelline Bolt of Blue.


I mixed 1/3 of each glitter into and empty bottle, added ballz and shook well.


I will admit, I was kind of on the fence about this color. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but I gave it a try anyway.


It definitely looks better on than in the bottle! I wasn’t sure how the blue and gold glitters would look together, but it’s definitely unique and pretty. I had to settle on indoor pictures, since it decided to rain! Here it is close up…


I have one more super glitter for you, then we will move on to some more reader requests!


12 Responses to “Lost Treasure of Atlantis”

  1. Amanda that is a beautiful glittery blue! I also love the fantastic names you give your creations. Your so creative. Do you do any kind of art workas in painting, etc. You have such a beautiful sense of color. Have a nice holiday.

  2. I’m really digging this color. I especially love the combination of colors you chose to be in this polish. LOVE!

  3. How about nfu oh 51? I did a layering type deal of it on my blog lookatthispolish.blogspot.com. What do you think? I’d love to see you figure this one out. You are awesome!!!

  4. Sybelle Says:

    OMGGGG I love that one! Blues + gold look awesome together.

  5. That’s beautiful Amanda! Wow

  6. WiccanLuvsAtlantis Says:

    Haiii… do you think this would look good layered over Misa Sepia Stained Sheets? kthxbai!!!!

  7. Personally I like the gold it’s subtle and makes the blue glitters really pop! Great job 😀

  8. Your glitters are very beautiful! I like that it’s so many different blues in it. 🙂

  9. Dang look at that amazing up close shot!

  10. Sparkina Says:

    GORGEOUS and great for summer or with jeans

  11. Evelina Says:

    whoaa i love like all of your frankens! how do you have so much polish and glitter and pigments, etc. to make it all? great job!

  12. Okay, I thought I remembered that you did a franken that preceded “Absolutely Alice”. Gee, I wonder where they got their idea from? Those rats. I like yours better, anyway…

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