Plum Preserves

I have some really awesome super glitters coming up, but today I have the last of my recent jellies! Reader Mimi asked if there was anything else she could use Sinful Dream On for (what I used for Grapesicle), and I also had a few requests for a purple jelly polish. Todays franken takes care of both!

I used Sinful Dream On, Wet ‘N Wild clear, and Wet ‘N Wild Black Creme.


I filled an empty bottle half full with clear, then added in just less than 1/2 of Dream On. This leaves room to add in the black, which I used about 20 drops of. You can use more of less, depending on how dark or light you want the purple.


Like other jellies, this has super shine to it! I used three coats, and it covered well. My application is slightly messier than normal…drinking a whole pot of coffee before swatching isn’t really a good idea!


Thanks for looking! 🙂


15 Responses to “Plum Preserves”

  1. Wow!! Love it!

    How do you mix a green with yellow and blue? Half and half or not?
    Probably depends on what kind of green you want the green to be 😉
    But is there a “thumb rule”?

    Thanks for a great blog!! 🙂

  2. Oh. My. Gaaaaaawwwd! I want to lick it!

  3. This looks like grape juice! Very nice!

  4. reminds me of juice 😀
    i have a quick question.
    where do you buy those empty nail polish bottles?
    i really want some but i cant seem to find any :/

  5. pam2japan Says:

    Hi, I’m new to reading your blog, and I must say — I love what I see, especially this one. Vampy jellies are my favorite. I can’t wait to see the glitters coming up too. 😀

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I love that color, plus the previous day’s 20k leagues under the sea – both are beautious!
    Would you ever do a post on dupes of your jellies? I’m curious to see (1) if I can buy colors like the ones you make, and (2) if what you’re frankening is totally unique.
    Franken on!

  7. looovez it.
    But yeah, where do you buy the bottles and mixing balls?

    I need a new hobby you see 😉

  8. PruneGirl Says:

    I’ve been trying to look for plum preserves in the jam section at my supermarket. I had no luck.

    I will try to make this then put it on my toast. Thanks.

  9. Love your jelly polishes, especially this one!! I am a purple fanatic so this is a lot my style!

  10. Hi amanda! Another beauty. I love grape jam. Haven’t had it since I was little. Welch’s Grape Jam was my favorite. I think you just put it in a polish bottle! I absolutely looove this shade!

  11. I like that kind of vampy look of it. Jellies always work!

  12. I am loving that color. It makes me think of my beloved Nicole Rare Vintage. I love it but I wanted a more berry color.

  13. This is gorgeous!!!

  14. Sparkina Says:

    Gorgeous. Reminds me of fine wine. A rich shade that’s perfect for school or work

  15. This is now one of my favorite polish colors. And it was super cheap to make because when Sinful polishes go BOGO, the “good” colors get snapped up and the ugly ducklings like Dream On and black are usually left behind!

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