Tropical Colada

I have been lemming orange polishes something fierce! I think it’s because the color orange reminds me of summer. Today I have a pretty, sparkley orange treat for you!

I used Revlon Sunsparks and NK Infinity to make today’s polish.


I mixed half of each polish into and empty bottle, added ballz, and mixed well.


This lovely orange jelly has a beautiful orange sparkle to it that is more noticeable in real life. I used 3 coats and it covered great!


I have more summery colors on the way, so check back!


8 Responses to “Tropical Colada”

  1. Gorgeous color you made! Makes me think of the orange slice candies. I haven’t had them in years. Now I want one,

  2. Now it’s the perfect time for those bright beautiful colours!I love its jelly attitude!Great job!

  3. Beautiful! The orange glitter with the red looks very cute! Now I want to see more summery frankens!

  4. I love your jellies! 🙂

  5. amanda that looks deeeeelicious!!!!!

  6. I think Apple Martini, Blue Hawaiian and Orange Julius are my favorites! Wow…
    Where do you find/purchase your empty nail polish bottles??


  7. This is pretty!

  8. GIRL! I thought I was the only one who knew about NK polishes! I have Infinity and I top EVERYTHING with it. Plus the fact that they just have an AMAZING color selection with good quality for the price!

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