Purple Paradise

Ahhhh, summer. It’s just around the corner! Here in chilly NY, we got a taste of summer with an unusual 80 degree day. Perfect inspiration for some hot summery colors!

I used Wet N Wild clear, Grape pigment from TKB Trading, and Revlon Colorstay in Forever Scarlett.


I filled an empty bottle with 1/3 clear, and just a little less 2/3 Forever Scarlet, to leave room for the pigment. I added in 1 tablespoon of Grape pigment, and shook the mixture well.


Voila! Purple Paradise!I love how shiny this is! And it looks like it’s glowing!


Thanks for looking…I have more summery colors on the way!


11 Responses to “Purple Paradise”

  1. WOW! It’s magical!

  2. Amanda this is grape-a-liscous! Love it and your nails are gorgeous. Have you frankened the calamine lotion color polish?

  3. I love it! Such a great purple! I used to mix polishes a lot many years ago…and now, after reading your blogs…I am itching to do it again!

    I’m from NY too! Such a shame about our weather, isn’t it? We didn’t even get a spring. =(

  4. I hactually have a polish like this and it’s absolutely loveable! I really love how the red polish gives it this shimmer. Gorgeous!

  5. Love this color! I am all about the purples.

  6. That is simply amazing .. I’ve never really ever seen purple polish with red shimmer. I’m not a fan of purple – but this, I’ll die for!

  7. wow!! this color is perfect for summer, let alone any occasion!! one of my favorites!!!

  8. i just love it! great color , unbelivable it’s just matter of mixing.
    Love your blog very much! 🙂

  9. Crazy hot!!! I gotta try that!

  10. FABULOUS! i think i would want mine to be a bit more purple though…

  11. wow! awesome! i think i can see a hint of red on the edges or its my eyes playing me. great summer color 🙂

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