King Crow

Today I have the final foil polish to show you!

I thought a black/silver would look really cool, so I used Hard Candy Trailer Trash and Black Mica pigment from TKB Trading.


I used the smaller 0.25 oz sized bottles for this. I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of the Black Mica pigment into the bottle with TT, but if you’re using a full sized bottle, you’ll want to double that.


I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous black and silver shade! I used 2 coats, and it covered perfectly.


The color looks similar to Sally Hansen Raven’s Wing from the Tracy Reese collection, which was a pleasant surprise, since the application of RW was a nightmare for me!

Thanks for looking…stay tuned for some cool summery colors I have coming up!


11 Responses to “King Crow”

  1. omgosh! i cant believe i didnt see this til now. i love this shade with black and silver together without it being too sparkly. 🙂

  2. Oh how cool! I haven’t seen hide nor hare of the Tracy Reese collection. Just a fantastic color.

  3. MehCheapHaircut$ucks Says:

    What a way to make a drab color fab! I love it!

  4. I love it! How do you think it would have turned out if you mixed a black polish with the hard candy?

  5. I think I say this like everytime but, I totally want this polish! Maybe you should start your own company? :=

  6. WOW! All these foil polishes have been amazing!

    BTW, how do you remove the labels on polish bottles like this one (the kind that’s not a sticker)? I’ve tried with acetone but even with that the label doesn’t come off.

  7. that is seriously hot amanda – you are so talented!!!!

  8. This color is amazing…i think it is the most beautiful and special you have created!!!
    Happy easter!!!

  9. I must try to mix my own polish. I have order a empty bottle from H2T, cant wait to get started:)

  10. This is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to get my hands on some of this black pigment. As always, this is another excellent franken that I would purchase, you have a knack for creating ones that you cannot find in the stores.

  11. i love love love this color and was wondering is there something else i can use to sub in the black pigment bcos i have no idea where to get pigments from.

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