Ice Veil

Well franken-friends…I have more foil for you today!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve gotten into the habit of making “collections”. I just get so excited about my new creations that I am compelled to make them in various colors!

To make a blue foil finish polish, I used Blueberry pigment from TBK Trading and Hard Candy Trailer Trash.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was all out of regular bottles, so I was using the extra small bottles I had handy (0.25 oz). I filled the bottle almost full with HC TT, then added 1 teaspoon of pigment in the mix.


This was 2 very thin coats, and it covered great!


I have a couple more foil surprises for you, so be sure to check back!


11 Responses to “Ice Veil”

  1. hi i like your blog!!!!!!! you know what would be cool is a black one of these polishes. like a metallicy black!

  2. What a great shade of blue! I can see why you have a PhD in frankening…so creative!

  3. ohh !!!!!i like this one!!!

  4. I think I’m running out of descriptive words for your polishes. You are so creative with making beautiful polishes out of the pigments. That blue is so pretty. I don’t think I’ve seen any color like it.

  5. i need to track down some holo nail polishes. haven’t seen any other than online

  6. i love this color! 🙂 awesome!

  7. I love these foily(?) polishes! Too bad I don’t know if you can buy polishes like this? I would totally love to have a couple!

  8. GreasySweatPants Says:

    Wow… this one is amazing. What happened to your Trailer Trash? 😦

  9. I am look for a nice bright shine color for summer. Maybe with glimmer. You make nice polish and I would love one!

  10. kittylamour Says:

    You have been nominated by Kitty’s Closet that YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!! To accept the nomination, follow the rules in the linked post, and have fun!

  11. […] polishes) from Dr. Frankenpolish.  She’s only too awesome!  Be sure to check into Ice Veil and Sparkling Clean Slate (I’d TOTALLY pay for these […]

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