Dr. Who?

Today’s franken is a modification of one of my previous creations. A “refrankened franken”, if you will! You may remember the sparkley blue I used in my “Frankenpolish 101” tutorial. While working on my recent family of holo polishes, I came across it and couldn’t resist jazzing it up a little bit more.


I filled up an empty bottle halfway with a plain silver holo (Color Club’s Worth the Risque), then topped it off with my blue franken.


The holo effect is subtle, but really breathes new life into this franken. The finished mix has a foily look to it, and it just may be my favorite franken so far.


I sent off a few bottles of this baby to some friends, and they all agree it is very similar to the long discontinued “Dorothy Who?” by China Glaze. So it was been appropriately dubbed “Dr. Who?” So there you have it…a “refrankened franken”. It just goes to show you it’s never to late to improve on a good thing!


11 Responses to “Dr. Who?”

  1. oooooooo!!!! very pretty! I would love to have a bottle of Dorothy Who?, I might just have to settle for a Dr. Who? instead. I will have to go back to your franken 101 post and see if I have what it takes to make it!

  2. Ohmy, I would totallt love to have one of my own! It’s absolutely lovely!

  3. VampierTeeth Says:

    Ohhh I love Dr. Who! It’s much cooler than Dorothy Who 🙂

  4. Penemuel Says:

    Best polish name EVER! 😀 And a gorgeous colour, too!

  5. Best.Franken.EVER!!!! 😀 *hugs bottle*

  6. Just beautiful and I wish I had it on now. I have nothing like that.

  7. For you to say it is your favorite is really something! Really a stunning franken.

  8. AMAZING. I’ve been trying my own and they stink! You have a good eye for what should go together

  9. You need to open your own nail polish company! Or someone needs to hire you. You make much better colors than they do!!!!! Please let me know if you ever sell these color.

  10. aah! love the name – love the polish – so frackin cool.

  11. OMG that is amazing!

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