Sparkling Clean Slate

I have a ton of blue holos in my collection…but none like today’s slate blue holo franken!

As with the previous holo, I am using Color Club’s Worth the Risque for the base. Everyday Minerals pigment in Silver Spoons was my first choice to mix with, since I’ve used it in the past to franken with.


The slate color in the pigment really comes to life once mixed into the polish!


I was a little concerned that mixing pigment with a holographic polish base would cause clumping, but as you can see, it applied smooth and even!


As always, I’m open to requests, so give me a shout if there’s a color you’d like to see!


22 Responses to “Sparkling Clean Slate”

  1. You should mix some more frankens like this and the handful before that, so I can STEAL them! 😦

  2. Ooohh, such a pretty shade of blue! Love your blog, you’re such an inspiration for colors.

  3. W O W…what a beautiful color!!!!
    You’re a genius!

  4. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
    Just when I think you can’t make ’em any prettier you prove me wrong. Dead on Gorgeous!

  5. 😎


  6. i love how this one came out – you should do some purples and yellows. haven’t seen that in a while

  7. Gorgeous! My request is for you to go into business and sell these beauties you whip up! A yellow holo would be interesting. How about a peach shade? Are there any vamp colored holo’s? I’d like to see those.

  8. Awesome!! I haz a bunch of EDM eyeshadows lying around in my swap pile, you think they would all work for frankening?

  9. Oh really nice! It reminds me a little of H&M’s new holographic in blue/purple, but this one is much nicer!! You’re amazing!

  10. What a pretty, spring-y shade! Kind of soothing too, which is cool b/c ‘soothing’ isn’t usually something I associate with holos! 😀

    I would love to see a frankened dupe for Lippmann’s PYT, a coral/peach jelly. Jellies in general, actually, it’s such a neat finish. 🙂

  11. This blue is soooo pretty. It reminds me of the waters at tropical beach somewhere far away. Very nice.

  12. Oh, beautiful!

  13. You are one of my nominees 🙂

  14. lovely color. love it!

  15. Hi! New to the site. I love what you do. It’s very cool and creative. I have a reqst. Can you make some sort of Hot Pink or Black With Pink? I am going to a wedding and I’m wearing Hot Pink and Black. Or point me in the right direction if you have and I just havent seen it.

    Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!

  16. wow, it looks amazing! Do you think its possible to make a White Holographic? i dont think theres such thing yet in the nail world. Correct me if im wrong! =D

  17. .. put up another award for ya on my blog

  18. I’d like a daark purple holo. 🙂 Btw, I love your blog!

  19. Thank you all!
    And I have a dark purple coming very soon 😉

  20. […] from Dr. Frankenpolish.  She’s only too awesome!  Be sure to check into Ice Veil and Sparkling Clean Slate (I’d TOTALLY pay for these […]

  21. I’ve always wanted to see an army green holo. Like zoya yara in holo form. Have you tried it yet?

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