Alien Donut Sprinkles

Today’s franken is…a little different. šŸ™‚

A received a lovely package of pigment samples from loyal reader Lynn. I was touched by her generosity, and excited to try the pretty colors she sent me. Take a look at these beauties:


One in particular caught my eye…a colorful little packet marked “I Dare You!”


Well, I can’t pass up a dare, now can I? Especially a fun, colorful dare! Now, this cheerful mix appeared to be a plastic material, so I was fairly sure it wasn’t going to play nice with polish. But I still wanted to give it a try anyway. I decided to go all out, and really make this a memorable, if somewhat unorthodox, franken. I mixed a couple drops of plain green creme into a clear, then added the colored mix. The result?


Alien Donut Sprinkles! šŸ˜€

Unfortunately, as I predicted, the plastic “sprinkles” melted in the polish base before I could attempt to do a mani with this. It was still fun to make, and I just had to share it with you! A big thank you to Lynn for giving me such a fun challenge, and I look forward to using the other pigments she sent me very soon.


6 Responses to “Alien Donut Sprinkles”

  1. Dear Doctor,
    Fun to see that photo of Alien Donut Sprinkles…’s a very pretty picture with the neon chips in green sludge. I hope the other powders behave themselves and cooperate with your experiments. Have fun!


  2. I’m quite bummed that you couldn’t do a mani with this because that would go perfect with a charm that I was about to purchase on etsy. Please let me know how you want to go about this.

  3. That is a rad name…….

    That would have been a neat polish on top of a “pink or white donuts frosting” polish color!

    Keep up all your god work Dr.

  4. I would’ve loved to seen this on your nails. What a shame! Looking forward to the rest of your experiments.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Love the name!

  6. That’s soooo cool! Sorry it didn’t last for the mani.

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