City In the Sky

I liked the combo I used in my “City Under the Sea” franken, so I decided to make a similar one.

The polishes I used for this one are NYC Purple Pizazz Frost, Cover Girl Sheer Orchid, Wet “N Wild Black Creme, and Icing Heaven.


This was a purely experimental mix, so I used 1/4 of each color, mixed it up, and hoped it would look ok. I honestly wasn’t sure it the colors I had chosen would look nice, but it looked pretty in the bottle.


So far, so good. I swatched it on my nails, and although it was a bit sheer at first, 3 thin coats really brought the color out.


The tiny holo glitter is colorful, but not too over the top. I think I *may* have a couple more of these glitters up my sleeve, so check back soon!


13 Responses to “City In the Sky”

  1. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  2. City in the sky…genius! 🙂 Great variation of the previous franken…turned out gorgeous! 😀

  3. Yummmyy!!

  4. Stunning! I absolutely love it!

  5. Just as beautiful as the other one!

  6. wow! Another starry night, but somehow like fireworks. 🙂 Beautiful! You’re very good at this!

  7. Oh my! I’m so in love with your blog and your fabolous frankenpolishes! Especially the matte ones. Mmm, a new favourite to add to my bloglist.

  8. Wow that turned out really good. The little bit of holo looks awesome!

  9. oh my!!you are god!!

  10. Rosey (o: Says:

    OOooooh!! That is Beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. I really love what you’re doing!!you are very talented!I would kil to have one of those starry polishes you make!!

  12. wow! I love it!

  13. omg stunning! i mean..speechless! who’s gonna hire you to come up with these kick azz creations? I dare China Glaze!!

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