City Under the Sea

Today’s franken is a recreation of a polish that went to live in the U.K. with my friend Vikki. I decided to mix up another one, since she liked the color so much.

The polishes I used to make this one are: Wet ‘N Wild Black Creme, Wet ‘N Wild Psycho glitter, and NYC Skin Tight Denim.

I filled an empty bottle half full with WnW Psycho, the added 1/4 each of Skin Tight Denim and black. I added ballz, shook the mixture well, and was rewarded with this beauty:


This one was tricky to photograph, so I took a couple shots in different lighting.


The multi colored glitter really stands out against the deep blue base like tiny underwater twinkling lights. Your own personal “City Under the Sea”…right at your fingertips!


21 Responses to “City Under the Sea”

  1. That’s beautiful!

  2. That is gorgeous! It’s like a disco! 😀 I must say, your frankens are awesome!

    I have a quick question, (I know you recommend emptying cheap nail polish brands but…) do you buy empty ones too? If so, do you have any recommendations? I’ve searched online but they’re always trying to sell me 4000 at a time O_O!

  3. Elisa,
    I usually buy my empties from They sell them individually, and they are very inexpensive. They are listed under the “Bottles and Jars” category, then click the “glass” option at the top menu. 🙂

  4. OMG. that is so hot! you did a wonderful job.

  5. Catch while I fall… OMG I’d love to have a polish like this! Like a starry sky, wonderful!

  6. You’re right–especially with the shipping! 😦
    Thank you!

  7. That polish is extraordinary! Wow.

  8. i really like this!!i want this!!!!your so good!!i cant wait for the next!!

  9. I am SO happy I found your site! Your creations are wonderful!!

  10. Another awesome franken…….

  11. wow this is awesome. Was not in love with it in the bottle but on it is amazing!!

  12. I really like this color a lot. Do you sell your creations or are they just for your blog? Also, I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  13. I love this colour…I could only think of a starry night the moment I saw it!

  14. Minahan Says:

    Amanda that looks amazing! You really need to add a warning label to the bottle though, “Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery when wearing”, I know I would totally crash a car just looking at the twinkles :DD

  15. Another hit creation. Just fantastic. You need to go into business like the women of Hard Candy did.

  16. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? 🙂

    Another great one!

  17. Thanks, all! 😀
    Denny…I’m not selling my frankens at the moment, although some of my girls have been trying to convince me otherwise!

  18. Too beautiful!!!
    Hi Amanda i have made and article on your beautiful blog!! And i add you on my blogroll!!!
    Thanks for your works!!!

  19. Soo beautiful. It’s exactly what I hoped for Zoya Indigo to be, but that turned out to be too dark and the glitter was practically invisible. Again, really beatiful!

  20. Sparkina Says:

    Gorgeous! Sophisticated yet fun and whimsical. GREAT for a night at a disco! 🙂

  21. That’s really awesome.. It reminds me more of fast city lights at night 🙂

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