The Matte Family Has Expanded!

Once I began frankening these matte polishes, I couldn’t stop!

Today I have a few more members of our “matte family”. I think these will be the final bunch…for now.

As with the rest of the “family”, these were all made with Nailtek Foundation II as a base, and pigment for the colors.

First up, a raspberry pink. This one is a little more vibrant than the previous set of mattes I posted, but hey, a little variety is good! Especially when it looks like this:


And our family wouldn’t be complete without a purple. When I originally decided to do a purple, I was aiming for a dusty grey shade. I fell in love with this cheery grape and didn’t have the heart to tone it down.


Every family has a problem child, and the last polish is it. It seemed like a good idea to include a yellow in the matte collection, but it proved to be a challenge. After a lot of experimenting, I ended up with a weird golden olive color. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but after swatching it, it’s grown on me. I used black, yellow and gold pigments. The gold shimmer is prominent even though this polish has a flat finish…giving it an “antique” look. Definitely not a color for everyone…but I thought I’d include it since it was different!


I had a lot of fun making these matte polishes…I hope you enjoyed them! ❤

20 Responses to “The Matte Family Has Expanded!”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Can I buy the pink and purple?? They are just totally amazing!!! I’ll really have to try layering Nailtek over pinks & purples to get that look! Where do the pigments come from?

  2. These are absolutely amazing!

  3. Absolutley beautiful! I really like these matte polishes but I don’t have one of my own, they’re hard to find!

  4. I love that matte pink. You are awesome!

  5. Doctor heal me from my love of your mattes! God I love that matte olive!
    Each one you made is a winner. I’ll have the whole collection. Hope you saved your formula for each matte. Next you’ll have to go into production. Great work.

  6. The purple one was gorgeous! Love it 😀

  7. i love all of this!!!you are so god!!!nice colors!!

  8. you are seriously keeeling me with all of these matte creations!!!!

  9. these mattes are awesome!
    which pigment did you use for the pink?
    it is quite vibrant and gorgeous looking.

  10. Loving your matte series! Now I need to find this kind of matte base here in Brazil and begin to create some new ones…looking for…

  11. neglelakkmani Says:

    OMG! The purple one!!

  12. chelita Says:

    What pigments did you use for the purple one?

  13. this is waaay too amazing! I love it. I can’t get over it.

  14. Hi Amanda:

    I just fell in love with that purple matte color. You have gorgeous long and pretty nails. How long does it take to change your polishes on your nails every day? Your web blog is amazing. I am a brand new fan!

    Simply gorgeous!


    George 🙂

  15. Hi George!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes to do a full mani. If I am wearing a heavy glitter, it can take longer to remove than a creme. 🙂

  16. Hi Amanda:
    I’ve recently become addicted to nailpolish and your blog made me discover so many amazing possibilities. It had not even occured to me that mixing polishes was possible (duh!)
    I have question concerning those matte beauties: how long does a mani last with them?
    Seems that matte polishes are the new trend to come (with both zoya and opi creating matte collections), but I’ve read that matte polishes aren’t very long lasting.
    What do you think?

  17. Chocaddict:
    Honestly, since I change my polish so often I haven’t really tested the mattes for wear time. I can say that it did last at least a day with no chipping or peeling on me 🙂

  18. thanks for your answer Amanda 🙂
    seems like I’m gonna have to start looking for some nailtek on ebay now ^_^

  19. My favourite is the last one!!!

  20. […] jelly, I jumped at the challenge. Another franken that is a close runner up as my favorite is my Flat Grape Matte (below) franken.. I love the cheery purple color, and the matte finish gives it a really neat, […]

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