More Matte!

What, you thought I’d stop with just one?
Armed with a plethora of new pigment samples from wonderful ladies, I set out to come up with some colorful friends for “Cauldron”. I’ve been busy swatching, and today I have the first three to show you!

All of these frankens are made with Nailtek Foundation II as a base.

Grey is a hot color right now…so what’s hotter than a matte grey? This was simple to make. I mixed together 2/3 back polish with 1/3 white to get the shade of grey I was aiming for, then added it to my Nailtek. If a lighter, dove grey is what you want, add more white and less black.

This strange green is reminiscent of Misa’s Dirty Sexy Money, but darker. It’s definitely an odd shade, but I like it! I made this with a teal pigment sample (TY, Miriel!) and a few drops each of plain black and white polishes (for the greyish cast & to give the mixture some opacity).


This interesting blue was just an easy mix of a little pigment (from the brilliant Elma, who came up with the matte franken idea) & Nailtek!



That’s all for today…stay tuned for more!

16 Responses to “More Matte!”

  1. Damn! All of them are awesome, but that blue…. don’t need a left arm, do you? How about a first born?

  2. neglelakkmani Says:

    I hear Gabrielle and put an SO + first born on the table! :iz dead: :tud:

  3. […] turen inn til Amanda i Dr.Frankenpolish! Hun har greid å lage de mest utrolige matte neglelakkene, les om hvordan hun gjorde det i bloggen hennes! Jeg er fullstendig […]

  4. Wow, I love these matte polishes. You kind of make me wanna make my own frankens now 🙂

  5. These are gorgeous! Do you know a nailpolish brand, like China Glaze or something, that sells matte polishes? (I’m sorry if my English was bad :P)

  6. That matte green is the hottness!!!!

  7. *speechless* I am sorry, but no words can describe how A W E S O M E these polishes are!! You’ve outdone yourself on these ones 😀

  8. You can haz my first born for the green!

  9. Again you amaze me! Just fantastic and I wouldn’t know which I love better. Do you think using the Nailtek II as a base and then polish on top would work ? It would be nice if I could just do that without mixing polishes.

  10. ohhh i like it!!!Ihope i can find some nailtek!!!you are graet at this!!!

  11. Thank you all! 🙂
    The matte effect comes from mixing the pigment with Nailtek. If you use regular polish over Nailtek, it will not give a matte effect…but layering the Nailtek OVER the polish will!

  12. *drools*

    I can’t believe how awesome these are!!

  13. Is there a top coat you can put over one of these and not ruin the matte effect? I’d really like to try frankening my own, but I can’t go without a t/c!

  14. Queen…these dry super fast, so I usually go without a TC when I’ve worn them. Orly does make a few different matte topcoats, but I haven’t given them a try yet!

  15. the blue and the green look lit up! very cool girlfriend, very cool!

  16. chelita Says:

    what other pigment did you use for the purple matte polish i looooove it!

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