Double, Double Toil and Trouble…

Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
Now, you’re probably wondering why I am quoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I promise, there is a reasonable explanation, and it does involve a cool new franken!
You’ve probably seen the really awesome matte nail polishes from brands like Knockout and ManGlaze. These cool polishes dry with a flat finish that give your nails a unique look. I was chatting with my friend Elma (a fellow polish lover) a few days ago, and she gave me a brilliant idea…to franken my own matte polish! She suggested I try using Nailtek Foundation II, a basecoat that dries matte. I’m well stocked with Nailtek, since it’s one of the best base coats I have ever used. In fact, I credit Nailtek’s Foundation II for really improving and strengthening my nails (I was a horrible nail-biter a few years ago…shhh, don’t tell anyone). You can purchase it at some beauty supply stores, or online at etailers like 8ty8beauty, Transdesign, or many others.
Another plus is that the empty Nailtek bottles are great to use for frankening once you rinse them out with some acetone. I had a half full bottle handy, so I decided to add some black to it.
I used Petites brand (found at WalMart and drugstores) in Night, a plain black creme. The Petites bottles are tiny, so I poured most of it into my half full Nailtek, bringing the mixture level right to the bottom of the bottle neck. I added a few ballz, shook the mixture, and silently prayed it would work!
The mixture did require a lot more shaking than a typical franken, so I added a few drops of polish thinner in as well. The Nailtek Foundation II tends to thicken a bit as the bottle depletes. Once the polish was mixed completely, I swatched the polish mix on a nail wheel, and anxiously waited for it to dry. I checked my swatch a few hours later, and was pleased to discover it was a success! Now, here’s where my Shakespeare quote fits in…

At first glance, this polish immediately made me think of a big, black cast iron cauldron! **cackles**
What’s neat about the matte polishes is that you can layer a shiny top coat over it if you don’t like the matte finish. Here is a comparison…the right nail has a coat of Sally’s Oh So Wet top coat on it:
I was so excited about my new matte polish that I decided it needed some friends! I’ll unveil the rest of the family in a few days, so check back!


21 Responses to “Double, Double Toil and Trouble…”

  1. Woohoo I know what i will be doing tonight πŸ˜€ Looks awesome!!

  2. omg! this is so cool! i cant wait to see more of this kind. you should sell these, i’d buy them!

  3. That is insanely cool.

  4. neglelakkmani Says:

    OMG! How cool is this!!

  5. WOW! That is soooo cool!

  6. I really love the matte polishes, but somewhat hard to find, at least I’m having a hard time finding them. πŸ˜› Is the Oh so wet top coat a fast drying top coat?

  7. TY, girls!
    Yes, Oh So Wet is a fast drying TC! I’ve found it to be just as quick drying as Seche Vite, and even shinier!

  8. I gotta tell you: I love this blog! I love nail polish, and the idea of mixing your own colors. I’ve never tried it myself. though… Hmm… Anyways, last time I ordered from H2T I bought Orly Matte Top. Gives any polish a matte finish – gotta love it! OK. it’s not _as_ matte as ManGlaze-polishes. A tip for the experimental!

  9. That was a really cool idea and what’s even better is that it will help strengthen nails, too! Awesome!
    Thanks for the post!

  10. yep, i’ve layered Nailtek II on top of black polish and like the matte look it gives. very cool πŸ˜€

  11. that’s awesome! definitely cheaper than the new KOs, that’s for sure!

  12. awesome! guess i’ll be doing this when i have my material. would this method work with other color as well?

  13. Nga…I have several more colors I just finished that I’ll be posting soon πŸ™‚

  14. Hi there! I love your frankens, can’t wait to see what else you have “in the lab” for us!

    I have been eyeing the Covergirl Mattalic polishes, do you think they will work as well to create matte frankens?

  15. That is so cool! Your blog is very cool and you inspire me to do some Frankens πŸ™‚ Last time I made on DH accused me of poisening him with fumes and it was not as good as I envisioned (tried for a mellow yellow with glitters, but the glitters ended up not showing…)

  16. Fantastic!!!!!! You are my nail goddess. Looks so good. I just ordered the matte topcoat by Orly. I know it won’t be as great as your franken. I can only dream. A great idea would be for you to sell them. I would certainly buy them. I enjoy your writing and concotions. Keep up the good work!

  17. Great idea! That’s what I call thinking on your feet πŸ™‚
    Very cool that it worked out too.

  18. Oooh. Me likey! Thanks!

  19. How quickly did this dry w/o the top coat? Also has anyone gotten the same matte finish using the Nail Tek as the top coat?


  20. I tried using the Nail Tech on top of the polish. It took for ever to dry. I was so sleepy I just slapped some Seche Vite on top and went to bed. Maybe it only works well when ou mix the nail tech with the polish or pigment.

  21. For some reason whenever i use a matte top coat it looks amazing but an hour later it is all peeled off. What do I do to make it last longer?

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