Playing with Pigments

Today, I have some really cool pigments to show you!
Pigments are fun to experiment with. There are so many colors and finishes available…the possibilities are wide open! My friend Gabrielle, who runs The Edge of Sanity sent me some pigment samples from Coastal Scents to franken with.
Look at all the pretty colors! It was difficult to chose which to start out with, but that silver holographic was calling my name. Just look at it!
For the polish base, I’m going to use clear (Revlon Colorstay Clear Sealant).
I transferred the clear polish into an empty bottle, filling it 3/4 full, leaving room for the pigment to mix easily. Using the handy paper funnel trick, I added about 1 tablespoon of the pigment into the clear. After adding in a couple ballz and shaking, here is the result:
WOW! I never tire of holo goodness! I own many beautiful and blingy holo polishes, and this one will fit in nicely with the “family”!
Different lighting to show off the sparkle:
This spectacular beauty is definitely a keeper! While it is similar to Color Club’s Magic Attraction polish, it is lighter and the holo glitter is not as coarse.
I look forward to experimenting with the other pretty pigments Gabrielle sent me, so stayed tuned!


15 Responses to “Playing with Pigments”

  1. GORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS!!!!!! I so wish I could find polishes at our Dollar Trees. I’m dying to use pigments. 🙂

    Great post.

  2. ohhhh!!!i like this!!!i must try to do this!!!i only have to find pigment and a empty bottles!!
    i like your blog!!

  3. That is a great holo. Gabrielle is such a sweet heart!

  4. Beautiful 🙂

    Quick question, what size is the empty bottle? 0.5oz?

    – Yushimi

  5. So what are the “pigments”? And where do you find them at?

  6. Wow! It is blinding! I have to put in an order to coastal scents. I have their eyeshadow palette and a couple of eyeliners. I will definitely have to try the glitters and such.

  7. neglelakkmani Says:

    Wow! Love it! 😀

  8. OMG that’s gorgeous!!!

  9. TY ladies!
    The bottle is a 0.5 oz size bottle. That is usually what I use most of the time.
    The pigments are from Coast Scents etailer. They have some pretty ones!

  10. Wow, that is gorgeous!

  11. omg!!!!!! Amanda that is awesome

  12. That is absolutely the most decadent glitter polish I have EVER seen! I love it!

  13. This looks fab on you! I was excited to see what you would do with the pigments as you are a master scientist with the frankens!

  14. demented_angel Says:

    i love love love the color! too bad coastal scent has run out of stock with this glitter powder, i reallly like your blog, i also love the mix different colors of nail polishes and “frankify” them. kudos to your great blog site!

    btw im from the philippines and coastal scents doesn’t ship here,
    boohoo 😦

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